Single Rehne De

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سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
सिंगल रहने दे
00 :14
[Hi, I am] منی بِن [x3]
شکونتلا کانتا کی بڑی بِن
میرے [dad] بولے کر لے شادی
ورنہ مر جائے گی بُڑھی دادی
شادی کر شادی کر شادی کر
اککھو دن شادی کر
اَور کوئی کام نہیں ہے کیا
Hi, I am the sister Mani [x3]
I’m the elder sister to Shakuntala and Kanta
My father says: get married,
or else old grandmother will die!
Get married! Get married! Get married!
All day: get married!
Isn't there any other job (for him)?
00 :36
گئی دِیوالی آ گئی ہولی [x2]
ارے [postpone] کر دے ڈولی
میں گَھر والوں سے بولی
Diwali passed, Holi came [x2]
Come on, postpone my (bridal) palanquin,
I said to the husbands!
00 :43
[using Gujarati pronouns]
سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
[mane] سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
پاپا سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
[mane] سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
[tamne] ڈھوکلا کِھلاؤں
[mane] سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
[tamne] چائے بھی پلاؤں
مُجھے دِل سے کہنے دے
[using Gujarati pronouns]
Let me stay single, let me stay single
Papa, let me stay single!
Let me stay single!
Oh father! Let me stay single,
I shall feed you dhoklas,
let me stay single!
I shall even make you drink tea,
let me say this from my heart!
00 :57
[mixing a Gujarati and English]
[ē khāvā  pivā ]
[tension] [nahīṁ lēvā ]
[patā nahīṁ kēvā ]
[majā ] [life]  [x3]
[mixing Gujarati and English]
Hey, eat, drink,
suffer no tension
And say this to everyone:
Enjoy life! [x3]
01 :09
[in unison with the end of previous stanza]
ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ کِیوٹی
ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ ناچ ناچ
[both lines x2]
[in unison with the end of previous stanza]
Dance, cutie! Dance, cutie! Dance, cutie!
Dance, cutie! Dance, cutie! Dance, dance, dance!
[both lines x2]
01 :30
ہَفتَے میں چار بے کار
ایسے رشتے لے کے آتے ہو
جیسے [daily mall] میں
[window shopping] کرنے جاتے ہو
پِھر لاکھوں میں ایک
اَیسا [sample] ڈُھونڈْھ کے لاؤ گے
اَور بِنا میری مَرضی اُس سے
شادی بھی کَرْواؤ گے
In the week, you come along with
like four useless relationships (marriage proposals)
as if, in a daily mall
you went window-shopping
Then you will search and find
a sample that is like one in hundreds of thousands
And without my consent,
you will event arrange marriage!
01 :45
چھوڑ نہ رہنے دے
پاپا چھوڑ نہ رہنے دے
[happy] ہوُں میں
[happy, happy] رہنے دے
Leave it! Don't let let continue!
Papa, leave it! Don't let let continue!
I’m happy,
Let me stay happy!
01 :52
سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
[mane] سِن٘گََل رہنے دے
راز خوشی کا آج
سب سے کہنے دے
Let me stay single,
let me stay single
Today, the secret of happiness,
let me tell to everyone!
01 :59
[mixing a Gujarati and English]
[ē khāvā  pivā ]
[tension] [nahīṁ lēvā ]
[patā nahīṁ kēvā ]
[mixing a Gujarati and English]
Hey! Eat drink,
suffer no tension,
and say this to everyone:
02 :03
[majā ] [life]  [x2]
[in unison with previous line]
ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ کِیوٹی
ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ کِیوٹی ناچ ناچ ناچ
[both lines x2]
[majā ] [life]
Enjoy life! [x2]
[in unison with previous line]
Dance, cutie! Dance, cutie! Dance, cutie!
Dance, cutie! Dance, cutie! Dance, dance, dance!
[both lines x2]
Enjoy life!
02 :31
[majā ] [life]
Enjoy life!

Single Rehne De (Hindi:सिंगल रहने दे, Urdu: سِن٘گََل رہنے دے) "Let Me Stay Single" is a song from the 2017 Bollywood film Simram.

The lyrics narrate the story of a young girl who resists the pressure of her family (especially from her father) to get married.
They were written by Vayu, and they contain several words and phrases that give the song a Gujarati ambiance:
  • the objective pronouns mane and tamne (to me and to you, respectively)
  • the reference to dhoklas, a typical Gujarati dish (in the song, this word is even pronounced with the proper Gujarati spelling)
  • the phrase "eat, drink, enjoy life", usually attributed to the Parsi/Zoroastrian community from Gujarat

The music was composed by the duo Sachin-Jigar

The video clip shows the movie protagonist, Praful Patel (played by Kangana Ranaut) dancing in a sexy maid apron.
In the movie, Praful also is pressured by her father to get married as a way to solve her problems.

The playback singers are Divya Khosla Kumar and Shalmali Kholgade.

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