Sajan Bin

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سجن بِن
Without My Lover
00 :12
تُو صَبْر کا سامان
میں وائرل ہوئی زُبان
پِھر بھی ہم دونوں پَھس گئے یہاں
You have the asset of patience
I have a viral tongue
Nevertheless, we both were ensnared in here
00 :18
یہ [meme] سے ہوتی باتیں
یہ ویڈیو کالِّنْگ راتیں
ہمکو دیکھو ہو گیا یہ کیا
These words, are like memes
These video-calling nights
See what Happened to us!
00 :27
[selfies] میں لگتے پیارے
پر خُود کو خُود سے ہارے
کیوں اپنی لائِف سے کھیلے
جیسے کوئی جانو سوہنا
You look lovely in selfies
But you lose to yourself
Why do you play with your life
like some dear beloved?
00 :44
سجن بِن آئے نہ موہے نیندیا 
Without my lover, my sleep doesn't come …
01 :01
تُو راگ سا مَہان
میں [beat] سی جَوان
پِھر بھی ہم دونوں پَھس گئے یہاں
You are like an impressive melody
I am youthful as a beat
Nevertheless, we both were ensnared in here
01 :08
ایک دوجے کے بن جانا
ایک دوجے کو ہَنسانا
اَیسا ہم نے کر دِیا ہے کیا
To become of one another's
To make one another laugh
We have accomplished such a thing, haven't we?
01 :16
میرے سپنے نہ تمہارے
خُود کے ہی ہیں اتنے سارے
[staus] یہ کیسے کہہ دے
بس [confusion] ہی ہے یہاں
My dreams are not yours,
(since) you have so very many of your own
How can a (social media, messaging) status describe this?
There is simply just confusion here!
01 :31
سجن بِن آئے نہ موہے نیندیا
رین بھر آئے رے جاگے رتیاں
کاہے تو موہے سجن پِیا رے
دکھے یہ نظارے
مانے نہ اپنی اَنکھیاں
سجن بِن آئے نہ موہے نیندیا 
Without my lover, my sleep doesn't come
The whole night comes, and it stays awake
Why, oh, my beloved sweetheart?
Do you see these sights
that my eyes cannot recognize?
Without my lover, my sleep doesn't come

Sajan Bin (Hindi: सजन बिन, Urdu: سجن بِن) "WIthout My Lover", is the title song of the Indian 2020 web series Bandish Bandits.

The song's video clip shows the two main characters, Radhe (an Indian classical music student, played by Ritwik Bhowmik) and Tamanna (a pop singer, played by Shreya Chaudhry) as they progress in their relationship.

The song's music was created by the composer trio S-E-L, and the lyrics were written by Divyanshu Malhotra.

The playback singers were Jonita Gandhi for the female parts, and Shivam Mahadevan for the male parts.