Sab Tera

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سب تیرا
All is Yours
00 :23
نہ جِیا زِندگی ایک پَل بھی
تُجھ سے ہو کے جُدا سن ذرا
بِن تیرا مُجھ سے ناراض تھا دِل
تُو ملا ہے، تو ہے کہہ رہا
I didn’t live life even for a moment
being separated from you, please listen
Without you, (my own) heart was upset with me
As you have met me, it is saying:
00 :47
میں تو تیرے رنگ میں رنگ چُکْا ہوُں
بس تیرا بن چُکْا ہوُں
میرا مُجھ میں کُچھ نہیں
سب تیرا 
I am colored in your colors
I have become only yours
Nothing inside me is mine,
all is yours …
00 :59
میں تو تیرا ڈَھن٘گ میں ڈھل چُکْی ہوُں
بس تیری بن چُکْی ہوُں
میرا مُجھ میں کُچھ نہیں
سب تیرا  [x4]
I have gotten moulded in your ways
I have become only yours
Nothing inside me is mine,
all is yours … [x4]
01 :32
پِھر دِل کے راستوں پہ
تیری آہٹ جو ہوئی
ہر دھڑکن جشن میں ہے
یہ عنایت جو ہوئی
[all stanza x2]
Then, on the roads of the heart,
as the sound of your footsteps happened
Every heartbeat (of mine) is in celebration
as this blessing happened
[all stanza x2]
02 :03
میں تو تجھے مِل کے جی اُٹھی ہوُں
تیری دھڑکن میں چھپی ہوُں
میرا مُجھ میں کُچھ نہیں
سب تیرا  [x4]
After meeting you, I suddenly woke up
I have disappeared into your heartbeat
Nothing inside me is mine,
all is yours … [x4]

Sab Tera (Hindi: सब तेरा, Urdu: سب تیرا), "All Yours", is a song from the Bollywood 2016 action film "Baaghi".

The song depicts the relationship between the movie protagonist, Sia, an actress (played by Shraddha Kapoor), and her rebel ex-boyfriend and martial artist Ronny (played by Tiger Shroff).

The playback singers are Aamal Malik for the male parts, and Shradda Kapoor herself for the female parts.

The music was composed also by Aamal Malik, and the lyrics were written by Sanjeev Chaturvedi.