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00 :17
ایک کونے میں تھا بیٹھا جب مُجھے وُہ دکھی تھی
وُہ سب سے اَلَگ، تھی وُہ سب سے حسین
آنکھیں میری پِھر اُسکی آنکھوں سے جا ملی
[next 4 lines in Punjabi and English]
[ik vārī,  vārī, fir nikalī hasī]
[ik hāth havā vic, dūjē 'c glass]
[ mainū nahīṁ patā  glass 'c ]
[but hauḻī hauḻī lak  ghumākē nacadī]
لگے [so sexy]
I was sitting in a corner when I saw her
She was different from everyone, the most beautiful of all
Then my eyes connected with her eyes
[in Punjabi and English]
Then I smiled once, twice
One hand in the air, the other in a glass
I didn't even know what was in the glass
But she was dancing slowly shaking her waist
Looking so sexy
00 :38
[in Punjabi]
[uh takadī mainū, maiṁ takadā uhanū]
ماحول میں [tension] بڑھنے لگی
خُدا کی قسم نہ کبھی میں نے پی
ہاں، پِھر بھی تھوڑی تھوڑی چڑھنے لگی
[next 4 lines in Punjabi and English]
[rukā  gi'ā, maiṁ gi'ā uhadē kōl]
[I said, "I wanna talk"]
[uh kahidī mainū, "bōl"]
[maiṁ uhadē nēṛē   uhanū puchi'ā]
[Baby, do you freak like you dance]؟
['Cause you dance like a pro]
[in Punjabi]
She looked at me, I looked at her
The tension in the air was growing,
I swear on God, never having drunk,
yeah, still felt a little intoxicated
[next 4 lines in Punjabi and English]
Unable to stop (myslef), I went to her
I said "I wanna talk"
She said to me, "speak" (go ahead)
I went closer to her and I asked:
Baby do you freak like you dance?
'Cause you dance like a pro
01 :09
[Have Mercy on me] [x2]
[Have Mercy on me] [x2]
01 :20
جیسے ہلتی ہے وَیسا مت ہِلا کر
لگے مُجھے رہے گی رب سے ملا کر
[Body] تیری [hotter than a chinchilla fur]
تیری ماں نے تجھے بڑا کیا کیا کھلا کر؟
رُک  جائے دِل [when you get down low]
کر لو رحم تھوڑا، میری مانو
ایسے، میری جان، نہ میری جان لو [x2]
ڈُھونڈْھا، [but] کوئی نہ نکلی کمی
پیروں کے نِیچے سے نکلی زمین
بَنْد بھی کرو اب کرنا یوں [tease]
ہاتھوں کو جوڑ کے کہتا ہوُں، [please]
Don't move like you have been moving
It seems to me you have kept sending me to meet God
Your body is hotter than a chinchilla fur
What did your mother feed as you were maturing?
My heart comes to a stop when you get down low
Have some mercy on me, please me
Don't take my life, my life, this way [x2]
I searched, but, nothing deficient came out
The earth slipped from underneath my feet
Now also stop teasing in this way!
Hands joined, and I'm saying "please"
02 :02
[Have mercy on me] [x2]
[Have mercy on me] [x2]
02 :14
کر لو رحم تھوڑا، کر لو رحم [x7]
کر لو رحم تھوڑا، کر لو 
[It's your boy, Badshah  ]
Have some mercy on me, have mercy [x7]
Have some mercy on me, have …
[It's your boy, Badshah … ]

Mercy (in English in the original), is a 2017 song and video clip composed and written by the Indian rapper Badshah.

In the video clip, Badshah narrates how he was impressed by the gait and moves of a girl he met while having a drink at a club.

The video was shot at the O2 Entertainment complex in London, England, and inside a Boeing plane, where the dancer Lauren Gottlieb and a troupe of other dancers accompany the song.

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