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00 :36
دِل کی مانگے تھوڑی تھی کَم
ہر دُعا بھی تھوڑی مَدَّھم
The demands of (my) heart were very few
Even (my) every prayer was modest
00 :47
تونے کَنْدھے پہ سر جُھکایا جب
جیسے دَرگاہ پہ باندھے دھاگے تب
بِنا مانگے ہی مِل گیا ہے سب
For as long as you leaned (your) head onto (my) shoulder,
it was like threads tied on a shrine
I've got everything without even asking.
01 :03
مِہربان ہوا ہوا [x2]
مِہربان ہوا
مِہربان ہوا رب
[both lines x2]
He has been kind [x2]
God has been kind
[both lines x2]
01 :31
ہاتھوں کو تیرے اپنے
ہاتھوں میں لے لیتی ہوُں
کِہ تقدیریں اپنی ساری پڑھ لوں 
I am taking your hands
into my own hands
so that I can read my whole destiny
01 :43
آنکھوں میں تیرے چھپتے ارمان میں ڈُھونڈْھتا ہوُں
بس تُو سوچے، اَور پورے میں کر دوں
I look for the yearnings hidden in your eyes,
Should you just imagine (them), and I will make them true
01 :55
اَبھی اَبھی تو ہم ادھورے تھے
پورے ہو گئے تیرے رُو بَرُو
This very moment, I was incomplete
and became whole in front of you
02 :00
یہ بھی دکھے نہ
کہاں میں خَتَم، کہاں تُو شُروع
آنکھیں تیری  / آنکھیں تیری
گرتی ہیں جب / گرتی ہیں جب
اب تو نیندیں / آتی ہیں تب
It is not even discernible
where I am finished, where you are the start
When your eyes / eyes
are descending / descending
only them (my) sleep(s) come
02 :16
ہمکو لگتا ہے کُچھ دنوں سے اب
تُو عبادت ہے، تُو ہی ہے مَذہَب
بے وَجہ کیسے، کیوں، کہاں اَور کب
Now it seems to me that for a few days
you are (my) worship, only you are (my) religion
Without a reason, how, where, and when?
02 :32
مِہربان ہوا ہوا [x2]
مِہربان ہوا
مِہربان ہوا رب
[both lines x2]
He has been kind [x2]
God has been kind
[both lines x2]
03 :12
رب نے بنایا سب کو
پر کون بتائی رب کو
مر کے تُم پہ، ہم سانس لیتے ہیں
God has created everyone
but who shall tell God
(that) upon dying for you I draw breath
03 :24
رب سے کروں جو دُعائیں
اب یہ تجھی تک جائیں
تُو جو سن لے تو سنتا اِن رب ہے
The prayers that I make to God,
now they reach just you
If you hear, then God is hearing them too
03 :36
جانے نہ جہاں
جانے ہیں کہاں
ملی تھی میری تیری ہاں میں ہاں
سچ ہے یہی تجھ سا کہیں
نہیں ہے نہیں 
The world doesn’t know,
I don’t know where
our mutual echoing had occurred
This is indeed true, like you
there is no one, anywhere …
03 :46
میری راہیں آئےں تجھ تک
اِس جَنَم سے ہر جَنَم تک
My roads come up to you
from this life, and until each (and every) life
03 :57
وقت کو روکیں آ ذرا سا اب
اُس کو سمجھا دیں عِشْق کا مطلب
چھوڑ کے ضِد یہ مان لے گا اب
Come now, let's do as if we stopped time for a while
Let’s teach it the meaning of love
Leavng obstinacy, it will now agree
04 :13
مِہربان ہوا ہوا [x2]
مِہربان ہوا
مِہربان ہوا رب
[both lines x3]
He has been compassionate [x2]
God has been compassionate
[both lines x2]

Meherbaan (Hindi: मेहरबान, Urdu: مِہربان) "Kind", "Compassionate", is song from a the 2014 Bollywood romantic action film "Bang Bang!"

The video clip depicts the 2 protagonists against a romantic, vacational Greek setting. They are Jai, a highly trained and mysterious man with a mission (Hrithik Roshan), and Harleen (Katrina Kaif), a bank clerk who meets him quite by accident on a blind date and gets involved in his adventures.
By the end of the video, the tone changes as Jai detects one of the characters he is following, in his mysterious mission.

The lyrics of this song were written by Anvita Dutt and Rakesh Kumar.

The music was composed by the duo Vishal-Shekhar.

The playback singers were Shilpa Rao for the female parts, and Shekhar Ravjiani (from Vishal-Shekhar) and Ash King for the male parts.