Maar Dala

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مار ڈالا
It Has Killed Me
00 :06
یہ کس کی ہے آہٹ، یہ کِس کا ہے سایہ
ہوئی دِل میں دستک، یہاں کون آیا
Whose sound/footsteps are those, whose shadow is this
There was a knock on (my) heart's door, who came here?
00 :23
ہم پہ یہ کِس نے ہرا رنگ ڈالا؟ [x2]
خوشی نے ہماری ہمیں
مار ڈالا  [x4]
ہم پہ یہ کِس نے ہرا رنگ ڈالا؟
ہمیں مار ڈالا، ہمیں مار ڈالا، ہمیں 
مار ڈالا  الله [x3]
مار ڈالا 
Who is he who cast verdant color over me? [x2]
My delight
killed me … [x4]
Who is he who cast verdant color over me?
He killed me, killed me …
He killed me … God! [x3
He killed me
01 :44
نہ چاند ہتھیلی پر سجایا
نہ تاروں سے کوئی بھی رشتہ بنایا
نہ رب سے بھی کوئی شِکایت کی [x2]
ہر غم کو ہم نے چھپایا
ہر ستم کو ہنس کے اٹھایا
I neither decorate the palm of my hand with the moon
Nor did I create any relation with the stars
I not even complained to God about anything
I concealed every sadness
I smiled and bore every outrage
02 :15
کانٹوں کو بھی گلے سے لگایا
اَور پُھولوں سے زخم کھایا
ہاں مگر دُعا میں جب یہ ہاتھ اٹھایا
ہو ہاں مگر دُعا میں جب یہ ہاتھ اٹھایا
خُدا سے دُعا میں تُمھیں 
مانگ ڈالا 
مانگ ڈالا  الله [x2]
مانگ ڈالا 
I even embraced the thorns
and sustained injury by the flowers,
yes, but when I raised these hands in prayer,
oh, yes, but when I raised these hands in prayer
from God,
I besought for you …
I besought for you … God [x2]
I besought for you …
03 :00
خوشی نے ہماری ہمیں مار ڈالا [x2]
ہمیں مار ڈالا [x2]
مار ڈالا  الله [x3]
مار ڈالا [x5]
My happiness killed me [x2]
It killed me
me …
Killed me … God [x3]
killed me [x3]
03 :38
مار ڈالا / یہ کیسی ہے آہٹ
مار ڈالا / یہ کِس کا ہے سایہ
مار ڈالا / ہوئی دِل میں دستک
مار ڈالا / یہاں کون آیا
Killed me / whose sound/footsteps are those?
Killed me / whose shadow is this?
Killed me / there was a knock on (my) heart's door
Killed me / who came here?

Maar Dala (Hindi: मार डाला, Urdu: مار ڈالا) "(He/It) Killed (Me)" is a song from the 2002 Indian period drama film "Devdas".

The movie is based on the novel of the namesake novel by the Bengali writer Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay.
It tells the story of a star-crossed couple formed by Devdas (in the movie, played by the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan) and Parvati or "Paro" (played by the Indian actress Aishwarya Rai).

In both the movie and the novel, Devdas, unable to make good his love for Paro, moves into a brothel and becomes an alcoholic, where a courtesan called Chandramukhi (played by the Indian dancer and actress Madhuri Dixit) falls in love with him.

In the video clip, Chandramukhi is shown dancing and singing in for Devdas and Kalibabu (an evil character played by the Indian actor Milind Gunaji) who is also a brothel customer.
While Chandramukhi tries to continue with her dancing she shows increasing concern for Devdas, who is heartbroken and in the process of drinking himself to death. In the end, Devdas passes out and Chandramukhi stops dancing.

The actual singer is the Indian playback singer Kavita Krishnamurti. Remarkably, Madhuri Dixit was pregnant while performing the dance scene.
The lyrics were written by the prolific Bollywood writer Nusrat Badr, and the music was composed by the Indian musician and composer Ismail Darbar.

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