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00 :24
ہے لِئے ہَتِھیار دُشمن
تاک میں بیٹھا اُدھر،
اَور ہم تیار ہیں
سینا لِئے اپنا اِدھر۔
خُون سے کھیلیں گے ہولی
گر وطن مشکل میں ہے،
سر فروشی کی تمنّا
اب ہمارے دِل میں ہے
There is an arm-holding enemy
sitting over there in watch
and we're ready
holding our chest over here
We will play Holi with blood
if our nation is in trouble
The desire to risk our head
is now in our heart
00 :52
ہے لِئے ہَتِھیار دُشمن
تاک میں بیٹھا اُدھر،
[chorus repeats stanzas]
[in the background]
The arm-holding enemy
is sitting over there in watch
[chorus repeats stanzas]
[in the background]
00 :57
ہاتھ جِن میں ہو جُنُون
کٹتے نہیں تلوار سے،
سر جو اُٹھ جاتے ہیں وہ
جھکتے نہیں لَلْکار سے
[last 4 verses x2]
اَور بَھڑَکْے گا جو شعلہ
سا ہمارے دِل میں ہے،
سر فروشی کی تمنّا
اب ہمارے دِل میں ہے
The hands in which passion is
weren't cut by sword
Those heads that have risen
didn't bow down by threat
[last 4 verses x2]
And what what will flare
in our heart, is like a flame
The desire to risk our head
is now in our heart
01 :43
ہم تو گھر سے نکلے ہی تھے
باندھ کر سر پہ کَفَن
جاں ہتھیلی پر لِئے لو
بڑھ چلے ہیں یہ قدم۔
زِندگی تو اپنی مِہمان
مَوت کی محفِل میں ہے،
سر فروشی کی تمنّا
اب ہمارے دِل میں ہے
We had left from our homes
with just a shroud tied to our heads
with a flame held over the life of our palms
we have stepped forward
As life is but a guest
in our assembly of death
The desire to risk our head
is now in our heart
02 :03
دِل میں طوفانوں کِہ ٹولی
اَور نَسوں میں اِنقِْلاب،
ہوش دُشمن کے اُڑا دیں گے
ہمیں روکو نہ آج
دُور رہ پائے جو ہمارے
دم کہاں منزل میں ہے،
سر فروشی کی تمنّا
اب ہمارے دِل میں ہے
With a band of storms in the heart,
and revolution in the veins,
we will knock the enemy unconscious
do not stop us today
Wherever is a destination
that can keep away from our breath/stamina?
The desire to risk our head
is now in our heart
02 :23
سر فروشی کی تمنّا
اب ہمارے دِل میں ہے
The desire to risk our head
is now in our heart

Lalkaar (Hindi: ललकार, Urdu: لَلْکار ) "Threat", "Call", "Challenge", "Dare" is a video clip made from scenes of the 2006 Hindi drama film "Rang De Basanti".

The film is about some contemporary Indian friends from different social extractions, who accept to participate in a film portraying the 5 revolutionaries and independence fighters that were executed in 1931 by the British Raj on account of their participation in the Kakori conspiracy.

The video clip shows scenes of the decades prior to that period, among protests and repression by the British authorities.
The protagonists are shown meeting in secret, and holding their hand over a candle flame while they make a conspiratorial oath.

This oath consists of (slightly altered) fragments of the famous patriotic poem "Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna", written by the Urdu poet Bismil Azimabadi.

It is recited by the actor Aaamir Khan, who is the protagonist of the film, and interprets both one of the revolutionaries (Chandra Shekhar Azad) and Daljit, the contemporary youth who accepts to act as him in the movie.

The word sar-farōśī used in the lyrics means "zeal, fervor", literally, "willingness to sell one's head", i.e., to risk one's life.

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