Kaun Tujhe

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کون تجھے
Who would (love) you?
00 :17
تُو آتا ہے سینے میں
جب جب سانسیں  بھرتی ہوُں
تیرے دِل کی گلیوں سے
میں ہر روز گُزرتی ہوُں
You come into the heart,
at every single breath I am filled with.
From the streets of your heart,
I pass everyday.
00 :35
ہوا کے جیسے چلتا ہے تُو،
میں ریت جیسے اڑتی ہوُں
کون تجھے یوں پیار کرے گا
جیسے میں کرتی ہوُں؟
You move like the wind,
I fly like sand.
Who will love you in such a way
as I do?
01 :28
میری نظر کا سفر
تجھ پہ ہی آ کے رکے
کہنے کو باقی ہے کیا؟
کہنا تھا جو، کہہ چُکْے
میری نگاہیں ہیں تیری نگاہوں پہ،
تجھے خبر کیا، بے خبر؟
The journey of my sight
stops only when arrived at you.
Is there anything more to say?
Everything that had to be said, was settled.
My sight is on yours,
do you realize, oh, heedless one?
01 :55
میں تُجھ سے ہی چھپ چھپ کر
تیری آنکھیں پڑھتی ہوُں
کون تجھے یوں پیار کرے گا
جیسے میں کرتی ہوُں؟
After hiding once and again from you only,
I read your eyes,
Who will love you in such a way
as I do?
02 :53
تُو جو مُجھے آ ملا
سپنے ہوئے سَرْپِھرے
ہاتھوں میں آتے نہیں،
اڑتے ہیں لمحے میرے
میری ہنسی تُجھ سے،
میری خوشی تُجھ سے،
تجھے خبر کیا، بے قَدَر؟
When you came to meet me,
my dreams went raving mad.
I can't lay hands on them
my moments fly …
My smiles are from you,
My joy is from you,
do you realize, oh, inconsiderate one?
03 :20
جِس دن تُجھ کو نہ دیکھوں
پاگل پاگل پھرتی ہوُں
کون تجھے یوں پیار کرے گا
جیسے میں کرتی ہوُں؟
The day I don't see you,
I go around, raving mad
Who will love you in such a way
as I do?

Kaun Tujhe (Hindi:कौन तुझे, Urdu: کون تجھے) "Who ... to you" (from the song's lyrics: "Who will love you like I do?") is a song from the 2016 Bollywood sports drama "M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story"

The video clip shows scenes from the movie, which tells the story of Dhoni, an aspiring cricket player (played by Sushant Singh Rajput), and her girlfriend Priyanka (Disha Patani).

The song's lyrics were composed by Manoj Muntashir, and the music was composed by Aamal Malik.