Jalte Hain Jiske Liye

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جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے
For Which They Burn
00 :11
جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے تیری آنکھوں کے دیے،
ڈُھونڈْھ لایا ہوُں وُہی گِیت میں تیرے لئے
جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے 
[all stanza x2]
I have found those very songs for you, for which,
the lamps of your eyes burn
For which they burn …
[all stanza x2]
01 :04
درد بن کے جو میرے دِل میں رہا،
ڈھل نہ سکا
جادو بن کے تیری آنکھوں میں رُکا،
چل نہ سکا
[all stanza x2]
What was in my heart became a pain,
could not ease
Becaming magic in your eyes, it stopped,
could not go further
[all stanza x2]
01 :39
آج لایا ہوُں وہ ہی گِیت میں تیرے لئے
جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے 
Today I just have brought those songs for you
for which they burn …
01 :58
دِل میں رکھ لینا اسے ہاتھوں سے یہ چُھوٹے نہ کہیں،
گِیت نازُک ہیں میرا شِیشَوں سے بھی ٹوٹے نہ کہیں
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گُنگُناؤں گا وُہی گِیت میں تیرے لئے
جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے 
They must be kept in the heart, don't let them leave your hands in any way
A song is even more fragile than glasses, let it not shatter in any way
[all previous lines x2]
I will softly sing those very songs for you
for which they burn …
02 :59
جب تلک نہ یہ تیرے رس کے بھرے ہوٹھوں سے مِلے،
یوں ہی آوارہ پھرے گا یہ تیری زلفوں کے تلے
[both lines x2]
Until it doesn't meet your nectar-filled lips
it will wander just like this, underneath your locks
[both lines x2]
03 :33
گائے جاؤں گا وُہی گِیت میں تیرے لئے
جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے تیری آنکھوں کے دیے
ڈُھونڈْھ لایا ہوُں وُہی گِیت میں تیرے لئے
جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے 
I will keep on singing this song for you
for which the lamps of your eyes burn
I have found those very songs for you
for which they burn …

Jalte Hain Jiske Liye (Hindi: जलते हैं जिस के लिए, Urdu: جلتے ہیں جِس کے لئے) "For Which they Burn" is a song from the 1959 Bollywood film "Sujata".

The movie can be largely understood as an allegation against castes and untouchability in India, as the main protagonist, Sujata (interpreted by the actres Nutan), is an untouchable woman.

In the movie, the song is played over the phone by Adhir, a young man from the Brahmin caste (played by Sunil Dutt) as he declares his love to Sujata.

The song's lyrics were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, and the music was composed by S.D. Burman.

The playback singer was Talat Mahmood.

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