Hai Bas Ke Har Ek Unke Ishare

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ہے بَسْکہِ ہر اِک اُن کے اِشارے
As in Every Single Gesture of Hers
00 :06
[mixed with movie dialog]
ہے بَسْکہِ ہر اِک اُن کے اِشارے میں نِشان اَور
کرتے ہیں محبت تو گُزرتا ہے گُمان اَور
[mixed with movie dialog]
As in every single gesture of hers, there are more signals
if she expresses love, then more suspicion occurs
00 :26
یا رب وُہ نہ سمجھے ہیں نہ سمجھیں گے مِری بات [x2]
دے اَور دِل اُن کو جو نہ دے مُجھ کو زُبان اَور [x2]
Oh God! She has neither understood my words, nor she will [x2]
give her a different heart, if you wouldn't give me more a different language! [x2]
00 :59
تُم شہر میں ہو تو ہمیں کیا غم جب اُٹھیں گے [x2]
لے آئیں گے بازار سے جا کر دِل و جان اَور [x2]
[mixed with movie dialog]
As long as you are in town, then, when my sorrow arises [x2]
I will ultimately bring from the bazaar another heart-and-soul [x2]
[mixed with movie dialog]
01 :59
ہیں اَور بھی دُنیا میں سُخَن وَر بَہُت اچّھے [x2]
کہتے ہیں کِہ غالِب کا ہے اَنْدازِ بیان اَور [x2]
[the full stanza is repeated]
[mixed with movie dialog]
Even (though) there are in the would many other good versifiers
they say that Ghalib's is a different narration style
[the full stanza is repeated]
[mixed with movie dialog]

Hai Bas Ke Har Ek Unke Ishare (Hindi: है बस-कि हर इक उन के इशारे, Urdu: ہے بَسْکہِ ہر اِک اُن کے اِشارے), "As Ever Single Gesture of Hers ... " are the opening words of a famous ghazal by the Urdu poet Ghalib.

Some couplets of this ghazal were musicalized by Ghulam Mohammed and used in a scene of the biographical 1954 Bollywood movie "Mirza Ghalib".

In the scene, the poet (interpreted by Bharat Bhushan) meets a blind beggar in the street, who is singing this poem of his recent creation.

When asked by Ghalib where he had learned it, the beggar answers that he got it from Moti Begum, Ghalib's most recent female admirer, who by then had adopted the nickname of "Chaudhvin" (Moon Faced) given by the poet to her.

The playback singer was Mohammed Rafi.

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