Ghani Bawri

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گَھَنی باوری
Totally Crazy (love-crazed)
00 :00
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
[both lines x2]
ہو جوگيا
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
ہو جوگيا
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
[both lines x2]
Oh, dear saint!
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
Oh, dear saint!
[ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg ṭaṁg]
00 :09
[mixing Punjabi words]
جو نہ کرنا تھا کر گئی
میں بھی [kiṭṭ] جا کے مر گئی
[both lines x2]
اچّھی [khāsī jaṭī cagī]
گَھَنی باوری ہو گئی
میں گَھَنی باوری ہو گئی [x5]
میں گَھَنی 
[mixing Punjabi words]
I did what I wasn’t supposed to do
Where did I even end up dying (i.e. what hit me)?
[both lines x2]
A good, wholesome, proper Jat woman
has become totally crazy now
I’ve become totally crazy now
I totally …
00 :36
روز سویرے نیم اندھیرے
گھر سے بھاگی میں بھاگی گھر سے توہرے واسطے
بیچ رات کے / کے، کے
نیند سے جاگی میں جاگی نیند سے توہرے واسطے
Daily in the morning, in half-darkness
I run away from home just for Your sake
Without any reason, in the middle of the night
I awaken from my sleep just for Your sake
00 :54
دُنیا کے بولے ؟ تُو جان دے
مهارے دِل کی جان لے
میں گَھَنی باوری ہو گئی [x2]
میں گَھَنی 
Leave aside what the world says,
just get to know what my heart feels
I’ve become totally crazy [x2]
I totally …
01 :19
یہاں وہاں سے، سارے جہاں سے
لَوٹْ کے آ گئی
میں آ گئی لَوٹْ کے توہرے پیار میں
پہلے جگ سے، اِب تو رب سے
بن گئی بھاگی
میں بھاگی بن گئی توہرے پیار میں
From here and there, from the whole world
I’ve returned
I’ve returned back due to your love
First with the world, and in like manner, with God himself
I became an accomplice
I became an accomplice in your love
01 :36
میرے جانے پہ پِھر تُو رووے کہیں اَیسا نہ ہووے
میں گَھَنی باولی ہو گئی [x3]
میں گَھَنی 
May you never cry upon my departure, may such a thing not ever happen
I’ve become totally crazy [x3]
I totally …
01 :50
تُو گَھَنی باوری ہو گئی سے
ہو گئی، ہو گئی، ہو گئی،
ہو گئی، ہو گئی،
باولی ہو گئی
ہو گئی، ہو گئی 
You’ve become totally crazy
become, become, become
become, become
become crazy
become, become …

Ghani Bawri (Hindi: घनी बावरी, Urdu: گَھَنی باوری) "Totally Crazy" or "Totally Love-crazed" is song from the 2015 Bollywood romantic comedy "Tanu Weds Manu Returns".

In the movie, the song is played while Tanu, the female protagonist (Kangana Ranaut) dances at the "baarat" or traditional wedding procession of the groom, Manu (Madhavan ), whom she still secretly loves.

The song's lyrics were written by Raj Shekhar, and the music was composed by Krsna Solo . The playback singer was Jyoti Nooran.

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