Duniya Sharma Jaayegi

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دُنیا شرما جائے گی
The World Will Feel Ashamed
00 :10
ہے آج کل دِل سالا
باونس کرے ہے میرے سینے میں
ملنے لگی ہے تُو
جب سے عِشْق مہینے میں
Hey, darn! My heart nowadays
is bouncing in my chest
when you have started joining me
in this month of love
00 :25
تُجھ میں ہے جو فیلِنْگ
ہے وُہ ہر کمینے میں
آنکھ جو ملا لوں  بھیگے
خواب پسینے میں
The feeling that you have in you,
it is also inside every (other) rascal/ignoble one
If I meet eyes (with you)
dreams get drenched in sweat
00 :40
بَھڑْکِیلی نخرِیلی
چَمْکیلی لَچْکِیلی
تُو جو کمر یہ ہِلائے گی
ہو تیرا دیکھ کے نخرا
یہ دُنیا شرما جائے گی
[both lines x2]
Splendid, flirtatious,
glossy, flexible
When you move this waist,
oh, and having whatched your coquetries,
this world will feel ashamed
[both lines x2]
01 :18
گرْل گرْل گرْل ڈارْک چاکلیٹ تیری
آنکھیں چِہرہ تیرا بلینْک کرے
بوی بوی بوی چيپْ نہ بن چھوڑ پِیچھا
[wrong number ring] کرے
Girl, girl, girl, dark chocolate are your
eyes, your face makes (me) blink
Boy, boy, boy, don't get glued to me, stop following!
You are ringing the wrong number
01 :28
ٹھنڈی ٹھنڈی آہیں
جب تُو ہے بھرتی
ہوا میں جیسے مِنْٹ اڑے ہے
بوی تیرا میرا کُچھ نہیں ہونا
کیوں تُو [overthink] کرے
Fresh, fresh "ah's"
when you make them
it is like mint is flying in the breeze
Boy! Nothing is to happen between you and I
Why are you overthinking?
01 :43
لندن بھی پیرس بھی
ناچیں گے وینس بھی
تُو جو کمریا ہِلائے گی
ہو تیرا دیکھ کے نخرا
یہ دُنیا شرما جائے گی
London too, Paris too,
also Venice will dance
When you move your waist
oh, and having whatched your coquetries,
this world will feel ashamed

Duniya Sharma Jaayegi (Hindi: दुनिया शर्मा जाएगी, Urdu: دُنیا شرما جائے~گی) "The World Will Feel Ashamed", is a song featured in the 2020 Bollywood movie "Khaali Peeli".

The song's video clip is basically an "item number" where the two main protagonists, "Blackie" (Ishaan Khatter ) and Pooja (Ananya Panday) lip-sync and dance with the wardrobe and background of a carnival fair.

The song's lyrics were written by Rakesh Kumar.

The original lyrics contained these lines:

hō tijhē dēkh kē gōriyā Oh, after seeing you, fair lady bēyōṁsē śarmā jāēgī Beyoncé will feel ashamed

These lines referred to the popular US African-American singer Beyoncé Knowles.
Because the term gōriyā implies "fair" in the sense of "light-skinned", it could be interpreted that Beyoncé would be envious of Pooja's fairer skin, which was seen by some people as racist.

In view of the controversy, the movie makers decided to change those lines to the current ones:

hō tērā dēkh kē naxrā Oh, having watched your coquetries, yah duniyā śarmā jāēgī this world will feel ashamed

Despite the change, this song continued to receive thousands of negative comments on social media deploring it for a range of reasons, ranging from poor acting, to lack of dancing skills, to "not being representative of Indian values", to nepotism (as both protagonists were born into families of actors).

The song's music was composed by the duo Vishal-Shekhar.

The playback singers were Nakash Aziz for the male parts, and Neeti Mohan for the female parts.