Do Ka Chaar

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دو کا چار
Two Times Four
00 :16
دو کا چار تیرے لئے سولَہ
تُو زَرْدَے کی ہِچکی
گل قند کا تولا
تُو مِیٹھا پان
میں کَتّھا کوریا
دیکھا جو تُجھ کو
میرا دِل یہ بولا
Two times two is four, (but) for your sake sixteen
You are a hiccup of saffron,
a serving/measure of gulkand
You are a sweet betel leaf,
I am plain catechu
On seeing You,
my heart said this
00 :51
تُو راج دُلاری
میں شَمْبھو بھولا
تُو من موہَِنی
میرا بيراگی چولا
You are a King's darling
while I am an simpleton (innocent like Shiva)
You are soul enchanter,
mine is the ascetic robe
00 :59
تُو تیز چِن٘گاری
میں چَرَْس کا جهولا
تُو مِیٹھی رُوح افْزا
میں بَرْف کا گولا
You are a swift spark,
I am a knapshack of charas (hashish)
You are sweet Rooh-Afza (sherbet),
I am a ball of (shaved) ice (slush)
01 :08
اڑتی ہے خُوشبو قِمامی
ہوتا نشہ زَعْفَْرانی
میں بے توڑ درد کی کہانی
تُو ہی تو ہے میرا مَلْہَم یُونانی
A fragrant/intoxicating aroma has risen
causing a saffron-like inebriation
I’m a story of unrelenting pain
and only you are my (healing) Greek ointment
01 :30
دو کا چار تیرے لئے گَلّا
تُو ہی تو الله تُو ہی مُحْلّّہ
دو کا چار تیرے لئے سولَہ
دیکھا جو تُجھ کو
میرا دِل یہ بولا
Two times two is four, (but) for your sake, a cahsbox
you are (my) only God, (my) only neighborhood
Two times two is four, (but) for your sake sixteen
On seeing You,
my heart said this
Alas …

Do Ka Chaar (Hindi:दो का चार, Urdu: دو کا چار) "Two Times Four" is a song from the 2020 Netflix movie "Chaman Bahaar".

In the movie, Prem, the owner of a humble betel shop (played by Jitendra Kumar) falls in love with Rinku Ritika Badiani, a girl living at the house in front of his shop.

During the song, he describes his love for her in culinary terms, using several typical South Asian beverages, dishes, and ingredients.

The song's lyrics were written by Apurva Dhar Badgaiyann, and the music was composed by Anshuman Mukherjee.

The playback singer is Sonu Nigam.