Dil Laga Liya

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دِل لگا لیا
My Heart is Engaged
00 :45
دِل لگا لیا میں نے تُم سے پیار کر کے
تُم سے پیار کر کے [x2]
[both lines x2]
My heart is engaged, through loving you
through loving you [x2]
[both lines x2]
01 :08
دِل چرا لیا میں نے اقرار کر کے
اقرار کر کے [x2]
دِل لگا لیا میں نے تُم سے پیار کر کے
تُم سے پیار کر کے [x2]
I stole your heart, having agreed
having agreed [x2]
My heart is engaged, through loving you
through loving you [x2]
02 :00
میرے دِل جاانی، میرے ماہی، میرے ڈھولنا
کوئی سن لے گا ذرا دِھیرے دِھیرے بولنا
ہاں عِشْق کیا ہے میں نے چوری نہیں کی ہے
تیرے سنگ یارا زورا زوری نہیں کی ہے
My sweetheart, my dear, my beloved,
someone will hear, please speak a little slowly
Yes, I have fallen in love, I have not committed theft
I have not used force with you, friend
02 :25
چین لے لیا، میں نے بے قرار کر کے
بے قرار کر کے [x2]
دِل لگا لیا میں نے تُم سے پیار کر کے
تُم سے پیار کر کے [x2]
I took away your peace, having made you restless
having made you restless [x2]
My heart is engaged, through loving you
through loving you [x2]
03 :26
بیچ سفر میں کہیں میرا ساتھ چھوڑ کے
تُجھ کو قسم ہے، [naiyyōṁ] جانا دِل توڑ کے
کیسے میں بتاؤں تجھے، کیسا میرا حال []؟
جینا مرنا ہے سب، اب تیرے [naal ]
In the middle of this journey, having parted anywhere from my company,
you must vow not to leave, having broken my heart.
How can I explain to you, how my condition is?
Now, (my) living and dying, all is with you.
03 :50
تُجھ کو پا لیا، تیرا اِنتظار کر کے
اِنتظار کر کے [x2]
دِل لگا لیا میں نے تُم سے پیار کر کے
تُم سے پیار کر کے [x2]
I got you, having waited for you
having waited for you [x2]
My heart is engaged, through loving you
through loving you [x2]

Dil Lagaa Liyaa (Hindi: दिल लगा लिया, Urdu: دِل لگا لیا) is a song from the 2002 Indian romantic comedy film "Dil Hai Tumhaara".
The title uses the composite verb lagā lēnā which has several idiomatic meanings: to engage, to become attached, to become addicted, to credit, to attact or cause to fall in love, etc. Therefore a good approximate translation could be "My heart is engaged/ was pledged/was made yours".

The film is about a girl called Shalu (played by the Indian actress Preity Zinta), who falls in love with a young man called Dev (played by the Indian actor Arjun Rampal).
Because of some twists in the plot, Dev ends up engaged with Shalu's sister Nimmi (played by the Indian actress and model Mahima Chaudhry).

Trying to hide her dismay, Shalu even volunteers to entertain at her sister's engagement party by singing and dancing, helped by her childhood friend Samir (played by the Indian actor Jimmy Sheirgill).

The video clip shows Shalu and Saimir's act at the party.
The singing is supposed to be joyful advice for the groom and the bride, but Shalu is dying inside because she would have wanted to say the words directly to Dev.

This song's melody has a remarkable similarity with an older Punjabi song, "Buhe Bariyaan", especially with the early version interpreted by the Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani.
As a matter of fact, the song uses a few Punjabi words such as "naiyyōṁ" (no), "vē" (is), or "naal" (with).

The playback singers are Alka Yagnik for the female parts, and Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan for the shorter male parts.
The listed lyricist is Sameer Arjaan.