Barso Re

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برسو رے
Oh, Please Rain!
00 :02
[na re, na re] [x2]
[na na na re, na re] [x2]
[na re, na re]
[na na re, na na re] [x2]
[na re, na re] [x2]
[na na na re, na re] [x2]
[na re, na re]
[na na re, na na re] [x2]
00 :33
برسو رے میگھا میگھا [x2]
برسو رے، میگھا برسو
[both lines x2]
Rainclouds, rainclouds, rain!
Please rain, rainclouds, rain!
[both lines x2]
00 :49
مِیٹھا ہے کوسا ہے،
بارش کا بوسَہ ہے
کوسا ہے، کوسا ہے
بارش کا بوسَہ ہے
[all stanza x2]
It's sweet, it's warm
It's a kiss from the rain
It's warm, it's warm
It's a kiss from the rain
[all stanza x2]
01 :07
جَل جَل جَل جَل
جَل تَھل جَل
چل چل چل
چل چل چل
چل چل بہتا چل
Water, water, water
Water, land, water
Go, go, go
Go, go, go
Keep flowing, go
01 :13
[na re, na re] [x4]
برسو رے 
برسو رے میگھا، برسو رے میگھا
برسو رے میگھا، برسو 
[na re, na re] [x4]
Please rain …
Rain, rainclouds, please rain, rainclouds!
Rain, rainclouds, rain!
02 :16
گیلی گیلی ہاں
ہاں، ہاں، ہاں، ہاں  [x2]
گیلی گیلی ماٹی، گیلی ماٹی کے
چل گَھرَون٘دے بنائیں گے رے
ہری بھری اَمْبی، اَمْبی کی ڈالی
مِل کے جُھولے جُھلائیں گے رے
Wet, wet, yes
Yeah, yeah, (ha, ha)
Of wet mud
we will go and make toy-houses
Of wholly green mango branches trees
we will meet, and swing and swing together
02 :40
دھن بیجو گجنی، حَل جوتْے سب نے
بیلوں کی گھَنْٹی بَجْی، اَور تال لگے بھرنے
رے تیر کے چلی، میں تو پار چلی [x2]
پار والے پر لے کِنارے چلی
رے میگھا 
Dhan, Baiju, Gajni, all harnessed to the plough
The oxen's bell rang, and ponds started filling
I went swimming, and went across [x2]
Once across, I went on the shore
Rainclouds …
03 :07
[na na re, na na re] [x4]
[film dialog]
[na na re, na na re] [x4]
[film dialog]
03 :37
کالی کالی راتیں، کالی راتوں میں
یہ بَدْرا برس جائے گا
گلی گلی مجھ کو، میگھا ڈُھونڈْھے گا
اَور گرج کے پَلَٹ جائے گا
Black, dark nights, in the dark nights
This cloudiness will pour
Rainclouds will search for me in the lanes
and having thundered, will turn around
03 :52
گھر آنگن اَن٘گْنا، اَور پانی کا جَھرنا
بھول نہ جانا مُجھے، سب پوچھیں گے ورنہ
رے بہہ کے چلی، میں تو بہہ کے چلی
رے کہتی چلی، میں تو کہہ کے چلی
رے میگھا 
Home, courtyard, and water spring,
don't forget me, otherwise everyone will ask
I went as I flowed, went as I flowed,
I go on saying, I said as I went:
Rainclouds …
04 :15
[na na re, na na re] [x4]
[fading repetitions]
[na re  na re ]
[na na re, na na re] [x4]
[fading repetitions]
[na re … na re …]

Barso Re (Hindi:बरसो रे, Urdu: برسو رے) "Oh, Please Rain!" is a song from the 2007 Bollywood drama "Guru".

The song is a joyful celebration of rain, typically seen a positive and welcome event in South Asian culture.

The lyrics were written by Gulzar and the music was composed by A.R. Rahman (who also composed the whole film's soundtrack).

The video clip shows scenes of the movie where the Sujata, the female protagonist ( Aishwarya Rai) celebrates the coming of rain, against a green, luxuriantly humid Kerala landscape (although Sujata is supposed to be from rural Gujarat), and she performs many of the actions described un the song: swimming, riding an ox cart, swinging from a mango tree, etc., while she is deciding to elope with her boyfriend.

The playback singer is Shreya Ghoshal.