Bad Boy

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بیڈ بوی
Bad Boy
00 :28
[baby, hold your breath]
تیرے پاس جو آؤں تو
ہوش اُڑا دوں گا سچ میں
[baby, wait a sec]
تجھے نہیں ہے پتہ ہے
کتنا مزہ میرے [touch] میں
/ [touch] میں
Baby, hold your breath
if I come close to you
I'll blow your senses away
Baby wait a sec
You don't know the fun
that's there in my touch
/ in my touch
00 :42
[I know you want it]
[I know you, know you, know you need it]
تیری آنکھوں میں لکھا ہے سب کُچھ
[baby, I can read it]
/ [read it]
I know you want it
I know you, know you, know you need it
It all can be read in your eyes
[baby, I can read it]
/ [read it]
00 :52
تھوڑا سیدھا سادھا ہوُں
تھوڑا سا ہوُں [mad, girl]
[baby, I’m a bad boy]
[Can you be my bad girl?]
[last 2 lines x2]
Girl, I am little right-minded,
a little like mad, girl
Baby, I am a bad boy
Can you be my bad girl?
[last 2 lines x2]
01 :08
[High,] رہتا [baby, high]
[I S T A Y F L Y, fly] جیسے ہیلی کاپٹَر
[Yo, I’m so sick] کوئی  بُلاؤ ڈاکْٹَر کو
High, (I) stayed, baby, high
I-S-T-A-Y-F-L-Y, fly like a helicopter
Yo, I’m so sick, someone call a doctor!
01 :18
سب کَیش، [no checks]
میں چُپ رہوں
[swag] کرے میرا فلیکس
[mood] میں آ گیا [baby] تو
تیرے [boyfriend] کے آگے لگا دوں گا [ex ]
All cash, no checks
I stay quietly
(but) my flex does the swags
If I come into the mood
I will add an "ex-" before your boyfriend
01 :27
[Boy I’m down with it, down with it]
تونے لے لیا یہ دِل
تُجھ سے دُوری بنائے رکھنا
[boy] اب ہو گیا مشکل
[all stanza x2]
Boy I’m down with it, down with it
you've stolen this heart (of mine)
Keeping you at a distance (and available)
boy, now has become difficult
[all stanza x2]
01 :45
تُو ہے [fire]، میں ہوُں [gasoline, boy]
[Take me higher, you know what I mean boy]
میں بھی باِلکُل تیرے جیسی [mad girl]
[I know you’re the bad boy]
[I can be your bad girl]
You are fire, I am gasoline, boy
Take me higher, you know what I mean boy]
I am very much like you, a mad girl
I know you’re the bad boy
I can be your bad girl
02 :01
[Baby, I’m a bad boy]
[Can you be my bad girl?]
Baby, I’m a bad boy
Can you be my bad girl?
02 :06
[I know you’re the bad boy]
[I can be your bad girl]
[Baby, I’m a bad boy]
[Can you be my bad girl?]
[repeated several times]
I know you’re the bad boy
I can be your bad girl
Baby, I’m a bad boy
Can you be my bad girl?
[repeated several times]

Bad Boy (Hindi: बेड बॉय, Urdu: بیڈ بوی), is a song from the 2019 Indian action thriller "Saaho".

The song was written and composed by the Indian rapper Badshah, and it is sung by himself at the male parts, and by the Bollywood playback singer Neeti Mohan at the female parts.

The characters in the video clip are Saaho, an undercover police officer (played by the Indian actor Prabhas), an undercover police officer, and the actress Jacqueline Fernandez playing herself, as this is an "item song" for her and she has no relevance in the plot.