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00 :18
اِعتبار بھی آ ہی جائے گا
ملو تو سہی!
راستہ کوئی مِل ہی جائے گا۔
چلو تو سہی، چلو تو سہی،
اِعتبار بھی آ ہی جائے گا،
آ ہی جائے گا
Trust too will surely come
pray, meet (me)!
Some way will surely be found.
Please come on, please come on:
Trust too will surely come,
will surely come
01 :16
دُھوپ میں کھڑا
جل رہا ہوُں میں
سایہ دو مُجھے
یہ میرا جُنُون
یہ  میری جلن
ہے میری سزا۔
میری یہ تھکن
کہہ رہی ہے کیا
سنو تو سہی، سنو تو سہی:
اِعتبار بھی آ ہی جائے گا،
آ ہی جائے گا
Standing in the heat of the sun,
I am burning,
give me shade.
This insanity of mine
This burning passion of mine
is my punishment
What this weariness of mine
is saying,
pray, listen, pray, listen:
Trust will surely come,
will surely come
02 :53
کیا ہوا زِندگی ذرا
بھول سی گئی
سوچو تو ذرا
جنگلوں میں بھی  راستے تو ہیں
ہمیں بھی کوئی مِل ہی جائے گا
چلو تو سہی، چلو تو سہی
پیار ویار بھی ہو ہی جائے گا۔
ملو تو سہی راستہ کوئی
مِل ہی جائے گا۔
چلو تو سہی، چلو تو سہی
اِعتبار بھی آ ہی جائے گا،
آ ہی جائے گا
Please, what is the matter, if life
seemingly has forgotten (us)?
So, please think:
Even in jungles there are paths,
some will also be surely found for us।
Please come on, please come on:
Love and such, too, will surely come to be
Pray, meet (me), (and) some path
will also be found.
Please let's go, please let's go:
Trust too will surely come,
will surely come

Aitebar (Urdu: اِعتبار, Hindi: एतिबार) "Trust" is a pop ballad by Vital Signs, a Pakistani band from the 1980's and 1990's.

Vital Signs (a.k.a. "The Signs") was hugely famous, at the level of any other international band of the period, and it had a momentous influence in Pakistani cultural life.

"Aitebar" belongs to the third album of this band, released in 1993 and also called "Aitebar". The singer is Junaid Jamshed, lead vocalist of the band at the time.
The lyrics for this and all the songs of the album belong to Shoaib Mansoor, a Pakistani T.V. director and writer.