Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe

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آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
Come to the Mansion Sometime
00 :29
آؤ، آؤ نَہ بَیب
[all stanza x4]
Come babe, come, woudln't you?
Come …
[all stanza x4]
00 :46
بس یہ بتا دے
کاہے دکھائے ٹَنْترُم
تُو جو بولے تو
تیرے پیچھے مجنوں ہو جاؤں
کہنے میں آتی ہے
ہمکو تھوڑی سی شَرَم [but]
تیری گودی کا
[pillow] بنا کے سو جاؤں
Just explain this to me:
why do you make tantrum(s)?
If you say so
I will go posssessed after you
I feel a little shame
in saying this, but,
in your lap,
I shall turn into a pillow and fall asleep
01 :03
ہاں کہتے آئے ہم
تو فَرْوَری سے
نکلو کبھی
ڈارلنگ چندیری سے
تَنِک آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
آئے ہائے آ گیا
آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
Yes, I have been saying this
since February
Leave at once
Chanderi, darling
Come a little to the mansion sometime,
come sometime to the mansion
Coming, ah! I came!
Come sometime to the mansion
01 :34
ارے سوتے سوتے بُھوکھ لگی
کھا لے بَیْبی مُونگ پَھلی
مُونگ پَھلی میں دانَہ نہیں
کِسی کو کُچھ بھی بتانا نہیں
جو بولے گی کر دوں گا
پر کرنا سب چُپْچاپ ہے
دِل بِل تیرا چرانا نہیں
کیونکہ چوری کرنا پاپ ہے
پاپ ہے
تیرا یار سبھی کا باپ ہے
Ho! Sleeping, hunger started
Eat peanuts, baby!
There are no peanuts in the shell!
Don’t say anything at all!
I sall do whatever you say,
but we it must be done quietly
I must not steal your heart or anything
because stealing is a sin
It is a sin
Your lover is the father of them all
01 :56
آج رات کا ڈانس کوڈ ہے
لال چولی میں آنکھ مچولی
بن جاؤں میں انوشکا
اَور تُو بن جائے کوہلی
پر لگنا تُو [lit AF] تُو
بن ٹھن آ جا [ASAP] تُو
Tonight's dance code is:
hide-and-seek in a red bodice
I shall become Anushka
and You’ll become Kohli
But you, you have to appear lit AF!
Resolve yourself, come ASAP!
02 :08
سیٹنگ ہے سِیدھی تیری سَہیلی سے
جهمکا مَنگوایا ہم نے بریلی سے
تَنِک آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
آ گیا، دیکھو نہ آ گیا [x2]
آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
آ گیا، دیکھو نہ آ گیا
آ گیا، دیکھو نہ
آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ
With your girlfriend, there is a simple setting
I ordered an ear-pendant from Bareilly
Just come a little to the mansion sometime
I came! Look, won't you? I came! [x2]
Come to the mansion sometime
I came! Look, won't you? I came!
I came! Look, won't you?
Come to the mansion sometime
02 :40
آؤ، آؤ نَہ بَیب
آؤ، آؤ نَہ بَیب
آ گیا
آؤ، آؤ نہ بَیب
آ گیا
آؤ، آؤ نَہ بَیب
Come, baby, won't you?
Come …
Come, baby, won't you?
Come …
I came!
Come, baby, won't you?
Come …
I came!
Come, baby, won't you?
Come …

Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe (Hindi: आओ कभी हवेली पे, Urdu: آؤ کبھی حَویلی پہ) "Come to Mansion Sometime", is a song featured in the Bollywood 2018 horror comedy "Stree".

The video clip shows the male protagonist, Vicky (Rajkummar Rao), along with the rap singer-songwriter Badshah and the actress Kriti Sanon, all of them doing an "item number" on the general theme of a haunted house (the havēlī of the song).

The song's music was composed by the duo Sachin-Jigar.

The playback singers were Badshah and Sachin-Jigar for the male parts, and Nikhita Gandhi for the female parts.

The song's lyrics were written jointly Jigar Saraiya (again from Sachin-Jigar) , and Badshah for the rap parts.

The names "Anushka" and "Kohli" mentioned in the song, refer to the marriage of Anushka Sharma, a famous actress, and Virat Kohli, a top-ranked cricket player and captain of India's national team.

"Lit AF" (in English in the original), is probably a vulgarity for "lit as fuck", i.e., very excited, or high on drugs or alcohol.