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00 :26
 tērī xātir taṛpē pahlē  
kyā usē taṛpānā
ō zālimā, ō zālimā
 tērē iśq mēṁ bahkā pahlē  
kyā usē bahkānā
ō zālimā, ō zālimā
Why tormenting
someone who is already tormented for your sake?
Oh, cruel one! Oh, cruel one!
Why alluring someone
truly allured in your love from the start?
Oh, cruel one! Oh, cruel one!
00 :47
ām̐khēṁ marhabā, bātēṁ marhabā
maiṁ sau martbā dīvānā huā
mērā na rahā jab  dil mērā
tērē husn  niśānā huā
Your eyes, welcome! Your words, welcome!
I went crazy/became a lover a hundred times over.
My heart doesn't stay mine since
it became a target of your beauty
01 :08
jis  har dhaṛkan  
aisē, dil  kyā dhaṛkānā?
ō zālimā, ō zālimā
Why make the heart so palpitate
of he whose every heartbeat is yours?
Oh, cruel one! Oh, cruel one!
01 :35
sām̐sōṁ mēṁ tērī nazdīkiyōṁ 
itr  ghōl , ghōl 
maiṁ  kyūm̐ iśq zāhir karūm̐?
 bhī kabhī bōl , bōl 
  jān  jāēgā mērī
qātil har tērā bahānā huā
Infuse the essence of your closeness
in my breath(s), infuse it!
Why should only I make my love evident?
You too say it sometime, say it!
Having taken away my life
each of your excuses will have become deadly
02 :06
tujhsē  śurū
tujhpē  xatm
mērē pyār  fasānā huā
 śamā hai  yād rakhnā
maiṁ bhī hūm̐ parvānā
ō zālimā, ō zālimā
The story of my love has gotten
started only by you
finished only on you
If you’re a flame then remember,
that I am also a moth/dedicated lover
Oh, cruel one! Oh, cruel one!
02 :28
dīdār tērā milnē  bād 
chūṭē mērī aṁgṛāī
  batā  kyūm̐ zālimā maiṁ kahlāī
Only after obtaining a glimpse of you
you shall dismiss my tiredness,
You just explain to me, why I was called cruel

Zaalima" (Hindi: ज़ालिम, Urdu: ظالِم) "Cruel" is a song from the 2017 Indian action drama film "Raees".

In Hindustani language, "zālimā" or "zālimah" is the Arabized female form of "zālim" a noun or adjective meaning "cruel, oppressor, tyrant", in this case used to refer to a loved one with a firm grip on one's feelings.

The video clip describes the main character, Raees (the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan), courting and celebrating his wife Aasiya (the Pakistani actress Mahira Khan).

The singers are mostly Arijit Singh for the male parts, with a small section by Harshdeep Kaur for the female parts at the end.

The lyrics were written by the Indian playback singer and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya, and the music was collectively composed by JAM8, a music company founded by the Indian composer and director Pritam (Chakraborty).