Yeh Zulf Agar Khul Ke

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yah zulf agar khul 
Should This Lock Unravel
00 :23
yah zulf agar khul  bikhar jāē  acchā [x2]
is rāt  taqdīr sam̐var jāē  acchā
Should this lock unravel and be scattered, then so be it!
Should this night's lot get embellidhed, so be it!
01 :07
jis tarah  thōṛī  tirē sāth kaṭī hai [x2]
bāqī bhī usī tarah guzar jāē  acchā [x2]
(if) passed in quite the same way in your company
(if) the rest also transcurs in the very same way, so be it!
01 :55
duniyā  nigāhōṁ mēṁ bhalā kyā hai burā kyā [x2]
yah bōjh agar dil  utar jāē  acchā [x2]
Whatever the looks of the word, good or bad
if this burden is lifted from the heart, so be it!
02 :49
vaisē  tumhīṁ  mujhē barbād kiyā hai [x2]
ilzām kisī aur  sar jāē  acchā
yah zulf agar khul  bikhar jāē  acchā
 bikhar jāē  acchā
Although it was you who laid me waste
(if) blame were on someone else's head, so be it!
Should this lock unravel and be scattered, then so be it!
… be scattered, then so be it!

Yeh Zulf Agar Khul Ke (Hindi: यह ज़ुल्फ़ अगर खुल के, Urdu: یہ زُلف اگر كُھل کے) "Should this Lock Unravel", is a ghazal written by the Urdu poet and Bollywood lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi.

It was musicalized by the music director and composer Ravi Shankar Sharma and used for the soundtrack of the Indian 1965 movie "Kaajal".

In the movie, the song is played while the male protagonist, Moti (Raaj Kumar) abandons himself to drunken revelry with a courtesan dancer (interpreted by the actress and dancer Helen), all the while picturing in his mind the female protagonist, Madhavi (Meena Kumari).

The playback singer was Mohammed Rafi

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