Tere Liye Fitoor

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tērē liyē
For You
00 :06
maiṁ  pūchā yah dil 
maiṁ kyūm̐ hūm̐ jahān mēṁ
ēk dhaṛkan bōlī tērē liyē
tērē liyē [x2]
I asked this to my heart:
Why am I in the world?
A heartbeat told me, it is for you,
for your sake [x2]
00 :26
 maiṁ kahtā hūm̐,  suntā hūm̐
 sahtā hūm̐, tērē liyē
tērē liyē [x4]
Whatever I say, whatever I listen,
whatever I endure,
it's for your sake [x4]
01 :28
mērē har marz    davā hai
huī hai  qubūl vah duā hai
yah ulfat hai  kōī naśā hai
jisē chūnā cāhē  vah dhuām̐ hai
Of every ailment of mine, only you are the cure
You are that prayer (of mine) that is being accepted
Is this love or some intoxication,
which, even though you want to touch it, it's smoke?
01 :56
tērē liyē, tērē liyē [x2]
tērē liyē 
For you, for you, [x2]
for your sake …

Tere Liye (Hindi: तेरे लिये, Urdu: تیرے لئے) "For You", "For Your Sake" is a song played in the 2016 Bollywood romantic drama film "Fitoor".

The video clip shows the main male protagonist, Noor (Aditya Roy Kapur) and his childhood love, Firdaus (Katrina Kaif), the heiress of the family that employed him, as they both progress in their love relationship.

The lyrics were written by Swanand Kirkire and the song's music was composed by Amit Trivedi.

The playback singers were Sunidhi Chauhan for the female parts, and Jubin Nautiyal for the male parts.