Tera Rastaa Chhodoon Na

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tērā rāstā chōṛūm̐ na
I Shall Never Leave Your Path
00 :00
mēharbānī nahīṁ tumhārā pyār mām̐gā hai
tumhēṁ maṁzūr hai tabhī  yār mām̐gā hai
gairōṁ  ḍar  tērē śahar 
hai qasam riśtā tōṛūm̐ na
tērā rāstā maiṁ chōṛūm̐ na [x4]
I have asked you not for a favor, (but) for love
It is granted by you, therefore I have asked for a partner
Fearing from (your) close ones and town
It is s a promise that I shall never break the relationship
I shall never leave your path [x4]
00 :47
agar yah hai nahīṁ  phir jānē pyār kyā hai
mērī jīt hai , kisē parvāh hār kyā hai
tērē rāstā chōṛūm̐ na
chōṛūm̐ na, maiṁ tērā rāstā chōṛūm̐ na
If it is not this, then who knows what love is
You are my victory, who care what defeat is
I shall never leave your path
Never, I shall never leave your path
01 :10
zindā hūm̐ lēkin vah bāt nahīṁ hai
hāthōṁ mēṁ tērā  hāth nahīṁ hai
iśq  hai nām baṛā
maiṁ  hai kiyā kām baṛā
kar  magar ādhā chōṛūm̐ na
tērē rux  yah cēhrā mōṛūm̐ na
tērā rāstā maiṁ chōṛūm̐ na [x4]
I am alive but that is not the matter
as is not your hand what is in mine
There is great renown for love
and I have done a big task
but I won't leave it half-done
I shall never turn away from you
I shall never leave your path [x4]
02 :14
tērā rāstā maiṁ chōṛūm̐ na [x2]
chōṛūm̐ na
tērā rāstā maiṁ chōṛūm̐ na
Never, I shall never leave your path [x2]
Never, I shall never leave your path

Tera Rastaa Main Chhodoon Na (Hindi: तेरा रास्ता मैं छोड़ूँ न, Urdu: تیرا راستہ میں چھوڑوں نہ) "I Shall Never Leave Your Path", is a song from the 2013 Indian film "Chennai Express".

The song's lyrics were written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and the music was composed by the duo Vishal-Shekhar.

The singers are Amitabh Bhattacharya for the male parts, and the playback singer Anusha Mani for the female parts.

The video clip shows the two main characters, Rahul (Shah Rukh Khan), and Meenamma ((Deepika Padukone), who meet each other accidentally on a train travel, and fall in love with each other.

There is one extra stanza in the original song, not shown in this video clip.

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