Nuktacheen Hai Gham-E-Dil

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nuktā-cīṁ hai ġam-ē-dil
She is Such a Critic, That Heartache …
00 :33
nuktā-cīṁ hai, ġam-ē-dil,
uskō sunāē na banē [x2]
kyā banē bāt, jahām̐
bāt banāē na banē [x2]
nuktā-cīṁ hai, ġam-ē-dil 
She is (such) a critic, (that) heartache
doesn't get to be recited to her [x2]
Why would a word succeed, where
a manufactured word/matter wouldn't? [x2]
She is (such) a critic, (that) heartache …
01 :25
ġair phirtā hai liē yūm̐ tērē xat  ki agar [x2]
kōī pūchē ki yah kyā hai
 chupāē na banē [x2]
nuktā-cīṁ hai, ġam-ē-dil 
The other wanders around carrying your letter in such a way, that if … [x2]
someone asked: what is this?
then he would not be ableto hide it [x2]
She is (such) a critic, (that) heartache …
02 :16
maiṁ bulātā  hūm̐ uskō magar ai jazbā-ē-dil [x2]
us  ban jāē kuch aisī ki bin āē na banē [x2]
ki bin āē na banē 
nuktā-cīṁ hai, ġam-ē-dil 
I do call her, but oh! the heart's passion … [x2]
… may (it) make it to her a little, so that she cannot go without it! [x2]
she cannot go without it …
She is (such) a critic, (that) heartache …
03 :25
iśq par zōr nahīṁ hai, yah vah ātiś, ġālib  [x2]
ki lagāē na lagē
aur bujhāē na banē [x2]
nuktā-cīṁ, hai ġam-ē-dil,
uskō sunāē na banē [x2]
There is no control over love, this is that fire, Ghalib, … [x2]
… that starts with difficulty
and doesn't get to be extinguished [x2]
She is (such) a critic, (that) heartache …
doesn't get to be recited to her [x2]

Nuktacheen Hai Gham-E-Dil (Hindi: नुक्ता-चीं है ग़म-ए-दिल, Urdu: نُکتَہ~چیں ہے غَمِ~دِل) "She is Such a Critic, that Heartache ..." is a Ghazal from the renowned Urdu power Ghalib, which was musicalized several times and sung by many famous singers, both in films and albums.

This video clip is from the 1964 Bollywood film "Mizra Ghalib", starred by Bharat Bhushan as Ghalib and Suraiya as Moti Begum or "'Chaudhvin", an admirer of the poet.
In the movie, the poet walks by and hears Moti Begum on a balcony reciting his poems.

The song was sung by Suraya herself.

The music director of the movie was Ghulam Mohammed.

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