Mujhay Baar Baar

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mujhē bār bār
Again and again to me
00 :52
na hai ibtidā mērē iśq 
na hai iṁtihā mērē iśq 
[all stanza x2]
My love has no beginning,
my love has no end
[all stanza x2]
01 :16
mērā iśq  hai mērā xudā
mujhē aur kōī xudā na 
My love is only my Lord,
do not give me any other Lord.
01 :28
mujhē bār bār sadā na 
mērī hasrtōṁ  havā na 
mērē dil mēṁ ātiś-ē-iśq hai
mērī āg tujh  jalā na !
Do not call me out again and again
do not stoke my regrets.
In my heart there is fire of love
(may) this fire not burn you!
01 :47
[stanza A]
maiṁ gadā nahīṁ hūm̐, faqīr hūm̐
maiṁ qalaṁdrōṁ  āmir hūm̐
mujhē tujh  kuch nahīṁ cāhiē
mujhē mām̐gnē 
adā na 
[repeats chorus]
[repeats this whole stanza]
[instrumental bridge]
[stanza A]
I am not a beggar, but an ascetic
I am the prince of Qalandaris
To me, nothing from you is necessary.
Do not give me the coquetry
of begging
[repeats chorus]
[repeats this whole stanza]
[instrumental bridge]
03 :15
yah mērē junūn  ġurūr hai
mujhē bēxudī mēṁ surūr hai
[all stanza x2]
mujhē bār bār na yād ā
mujhē  sakē  vafā na 
[repeats chorus]
[repeats stanza A]
This is the vainglory of my lunacy
to me, cheerfulness is (becoming) rapture
[all stanza x2]
Do not come to (my) mind again and again.
If possible, do not give me your fidelity
[repeats chorus]
[repeats stanza A]
04 :26
mērā iśq hai mērī ziṁdgī
mērā iśq hai mērī baṁdgī
mujhē āśiqōṁ mēṁ śumār kar,
mujhē āśiqī  silā na 
[repeats chorus x3]
[instrumental bridge]
My love is my life
my love is my devotion.
Count me among the suitors,
(but) do not reward me on courtship.
[repeats chorus x3]
[instrumental bridge]

Mujhay Baar Baar (Hindi: मुझे बार बार, Urdu: مُجھے بار بار) literally, "To me, again and again", but translated as "Don't call out for me again and again", is a beautiful poem written by the contemporary poet Hazrat "Baba" Gulzar Sabri.

The music has a deep, modern, orchestral ambiance; it was produced by the internationally acclaimed Pakistani band "Strings", experts in creating this sort of Sufi-fusion arrangements.
They are also co-producers of Coke Studio Pakistan.

The singer is Abbas Ali Khan, who is known for rendering Sufi poetry with modern instruments and adapted to the modern sensibility.
He has released Mujhay Baar Baar as part of his Sufi album "Tamaam Alam Mast".

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