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00 :14
kyūm̐, na ham tum
calē ṭēṛhē-mēṛhē   rāstōṁ  naṁgē pām̐v 
cal, bhaṭak  na bāvrē
Why not, you and I?
Walking barefoot on zigzagging roads,
come, wander away, crazy one, won't you?
00 :29
kyūm̐, na ham tum
phirē   almast pahcānī rāhōṁ  parē
cal, bhaṭak  na bāvrē
Why not, you and I?
Going roaming, intoxicated, beyond knowm routes,
come, wander away, crazy one, won't you?
00 :44
in ṭimṭimātī nigāhōṁ mēṁ
in camacmātī adāōṁ mēṁ
lukē huē, chupē huē
haiṁ kyā xayāl
[movie scenes follow]
In these glimmering looks,
in these sparkling gestures,
concealed, hidden,
what thoughts are there?
[movie scenes follow]
02 :29
miltē hai yūm̐
har ēk ḍagar jānē kyūm̐
kaisī yah dhun hai
acchā hai burā kyā śagun hai
batā kahām̐ hai tērā gām̐v 
calā  saṁg bāvrē
It is meeting (me) like this
every single path, who knows why
What perseverance is this?
The omen is bad or good?
Oh, tell where your village is!
Go with me, crazy one!
02 :51
sun khanakhnātī hai ziṁdgī
, hamēṁ bulātī hai ziṁdgī
 karnā hai vah āj kar
na is  ṭāl bāvrē
Listen, life is jingling
Do, as life is calling out for us
whatever must be done today,
don't postpone it, crazy one!
03 :08
kyūm̐, na ham tum
calē ziṁdgī  naśē mēṁ  dhut sarphirē
cal, bhaṭak  na bāvrē
Why not, you and I?
Walking intoxicated with life, just mad-drunk,
come, wander away, crazy one, won't you?
03 :24
kyūm̐, na ham tum
talāśēṁ baġīcōṁ mēṁ fursat bharī chām̐v mēṁ
cal bhaṭak  na bāvrē
Why not, you and I?
Let's search in the the gardens, the rest in my shade.
Come, wander away, crazy one, won't you?
03 :39
in gungunātī fizāōṁ mēṁ
in sarasrātī havāōṁ mēṁ
ṭukur-ṭukur yūm̐ dēkhē kyā
kyā tērā hāl bāvrē
In these murmuring airs
In these hissing breezes
Why/what are you staring in such way?
What is your condition (how are you), crazy one?

Kyon (Hindi:क्यूँ, Urdu: کیوں) "Why" is a song from the 2012 Bollywood film "Barfi".

The song (whose lyrics are longer and somewhat different than those used in the video clip) was written by Neelesh Misra, and the music was composed by Pritam.

The video clip depicts scenes of the movie where the main male protagonist, Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor), who is deaf-mute, and the female protagonist, Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), who us autistic, embark in a kidnapping situation but end up attached to each other.

A third character, police officer Sudhanshu Dutta (the actor Saurabh Shukla) chases them and provides a comical counterpoint.

The playback singer is Papon.

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