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00 :06
dilbar, dilbar
Beloved, beloved
00 :18
caṛhā  mujh  surūr hai
asar tērā yah zarūr hai
tērī nazar  qasūr hai
dilbar dilbar
[all stanza x2]
The exhilaration that is over me,
this is surely your influence
it is the fault of your look,
beloved, beloved
[all stanza x2]
00 :27
ā pās ā  kyūm̐ dūr hai
yah iśq   fitūr hai
naśē mēṁ dil tērē cūr hai
dilbar dilbar
Come close to me, why are you distant?
The upheaval of love is over me
My heart is hungover in your intoxication,
beloved, beloved
00 :36
ab  hōś na xabar hai
yah kaisā asar hai
hōś na xabar hai
yah kaisā asar hai
tum  milnē  bād dilbar [x2]
Now there is neither consciousness nor awareness
What effect is this?
It is neither consciousness nor awareness
What effect is this
after meeting you, beloved? [x2]
00 :55
dilbar [x6]
Beloved [x6]
01 :13
kartī qatl na aisē  cal!
pahlī  is niklō kōī hal
husn  piṭārā khiltā kamāl
kar lūm̐gā sabar kyōṁki mīṭhā hai phal
You cause a massacre, don’t walk that way!
First produce a solution to (of) this.
Portmanteau of beauty, blooming perfection
I will have patience because the fruit is sweet
01 :22
 mērā xvāb hai
 mērā dil  qarār
dēkh  jān-ē-man
dēkh  bas ēk bār
You are my dream
You are the rest of my heart
Look, my life
Look just once
01 :41
cain khō gayā hai
kuch   gayā hai
[both lines x2]
tum  milnē  bād dilbar [x2]
My peace has been lost
Something has indeed happened
[both lines x2]
After meeting you, beloved [x2]
02 :17
ab  hōś na xabar hai
yah kaisā asar hai hōś na xabar hai
yah kaisā asar hai
tum  milnē  bād dilbar [x2]
What effect is this?
It is neither consciousness nor awareness
What effect is this
after meeting you, beloved? [x2]
02 :44
dilbar, dilbar
Beloved, beloved

Dilbar (Hindi: दिलबर, Urdu: دِلبر) "Beloved", "Sweetheart", "Lovely", is a song that originally was featured in the 1999 Hindi romantic film "Sirf Tum". In that movie, the beautiful Indian actress Susmita Shen performed a dance with a Middle Eastern theme for the male protagonist (the Indian actor Sanjay Kapoor).
The song became very popular, and the movie's soundtrack became a commercial success.

The song, slightly modified, was also featured in the 2018 vigilante police drama film "Satyameva Jayate".
In this movie, the Canadian actress and dancer Nora Fatehi, performing as herself, makes a cameo appearance as a belly dancer in an Arabian-themed establishment.
With slightly modified "Dilbar" song as background, she performs sensual dance movements while the main character, Vir (played by the Indian actor and producer John Abraham), gloomily enters the establishment carrying a matchbox.
In the movie, he is a vigilante who executes his victims by setting them on fire. Fatehi's performance in this movie follows the Indian movie tradition of an "item song" since she doesn't have relevance in the movie's plot.

The video clip of Nora Fatehi again acquired wide popularity of its own, obtaining more than a thousand million views on YouTube and motivating a specific Arabic version being released for Middle-Eastern countries.

The song's lyrics were originally written by the Indian lyricist Shitala Pandey (better known by his pen name "Sameer"); for the 2018 version, the lyrics were adapted by the lyricist Shabbir Ahmed and the rapper Ikka (Ankit Singh Patyal).

The original singer in the 1999 movie "Sirf Tum" was the Bollywood playback singer Alka Yagnik, and the music was composed by the Indian director-composer duo Nadeem–Shravan.

For the 2018 movie "Satyameva Jayate", the music was revised by the producer and composer Tanishk Bagchi, and the singers for the revised version are the Indian playback singers Neha Kakkar and Dhvani Bhanushali.

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