Us Mulk Ki Sarhad Ko

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उस मुल्क की सरहद को
The Frontier of That Country
00 :08
उस मुल्क की सरहद को कोई छू नहीं सकता
जिस मुल्क की सरहद की निगहबान हैं आँखें
No one can touch the frontier of that country
whose frontier has guardian eyes
00 :41
हर तरह के जज़्बात का एलान हैं आँखें [x2]
शबनम कभी, शोला कभी, तूफ़ान हैं आँखें [x2]
Eyes are the announcement of all kinds of emotions:
Eyes are dew sometimes, sometimes flame, sometimes storm
01 :07
आँखों से बड़ी कोई तराज़ू नहीं होती [x2]
तुलता है बशर जिस में वह मीज़ान हैं आँखें [x2]
Nothing is more balanced/hits the mark better than the eyes
Proud/balanced is the man in which the scales are the eyes
01 :33
आँखें ही मिलाती हैं ज़माने में दिलों को [x2]
अनजान हैं हम तुम, अगर अनजान हैं आँखें [x2]
In the world, only the eyes cause the hearts to unite
You and I are ignorant (of each other), if eyes are unacquainted
01 :59
लब कुछ भी कहें, उस से हक़ीक़त नहीं खुलती [x2]
इंसान के सच-झूठ की पहचान हैं आँखें [x2]
Even what yout lips say, reality is not opened by it
The eyes are the recongnition of man's truth out of falsehood
02 :25
आँखें  झुकें तेरी किसी ग़ैर के आगे [x2]
दुनिया में बड़ी चीज़, मेरी जान हैं आँखें [x2]
Let your eyes not be lowered in front of others
It is a big deal in the world, my soul is in the eyes
02 :59
उस मुल्क की सरहद को कोई छू नहीं सकता [x2]
जिस मुल्क की सरहद की निगहबान हैं आँखें [x2]
No one can touch the frontier of that country
whose frontier has guardian eyes

Us Mulk Ki Sarhad Ko (Hindi: उस मुल्क की सरहद को, Urdu: اُس مُلک کی سرحد کو) "The Frontier of That Country", is the title song from the 1968 Bollywood spy thriller movie "Ankhein".

The song is a patriotic call for "eyes" to be vigilant in detection of obscure intentions and in defence of one's country.
Its lyrics were composed by the Urdu poet Sahir Ludhianvi, and its music director was Ravi Shankar Sharma.

The playback singer was Mohammed Rafi.

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