Tang Aa Chuke Hain

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तंग  चुके हैं
I Am Wearied
00 :01
तंग  चुके हैं कश्मकश-ए-ज़िंदगी से हम [x2]
ठुकरा  दें जहान को कहीं बेदिली से हम
[mixed with movie dialog]
I am wearied with this struggle of life
I shall not stumble upon the world at all, out of dejection
[mixed with movie dialog]
00 :35
हम ग़मज़दा हैं, लाएँ कहाँ से ख़ुशी के गीत
कहाँ से ख़ुशी के गीत 
देंगे वह ही जो पाएँगे इस ज़िंदगी से हम [x2]
I am grief stricken, from where would I bring songs of joy?
songs of joy … from where?
I will only give whatever I get from life
01 :10
उभरेंगे एक बार अभी दिल के वलवले
अभी दिल के वलवले 
माना कि दब गए हैं ग़म-ए-ज़िंदगी से हम [x2]
The heart's spirits will still rise once more
The heart's spirits … once more …
although, granted, I was buried by the grief of life
01 :44
लो आज हम ने तोड़ दिया 
लो आज हम ने तोड़ दिया रिश्ता-ए-उम्मीद
लो अब कभी गिला  करेंगे किसी से हम [x2]
See, today I have broken …
today, I have broken any hope of a relationship
hope of a relationship …
See now, I won't ever again complain to anyone

Tang Aa Chuke Hain (Hindi: तंग आ चुके हैं, Urdu: تنگ آ چُکْے ہیں) "I am Wearied" is a song from the 1957 Bollywood movie "Pyaasa".

The movie was produced, and directed by Guru Dutt, who also plays the main character, Vijay, a struggling poet.

In the movie, the song is performed a capella when Vijay, facing an audience that includes his former girlfriend, Meena (Mala Sinha ), claims to be defeated and totally disenchanted of the world.

The playback singer was Mohammed Rafi.

The lyricist for all songs in the movie, including this one, was the Urdu poet Sahir Ludhianvi, and the composer was S.D. Burman.

Later, the singer Asha Bhosle also interpreted a female version of this song, for the 1958 Bollywood movie "Light House".

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