Parbaton Ke Pedon

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पर्बतों के पेड़ों
(On) the Mountain Trees
00 :14
पर्बतों के पेड़ों पर शाम का बसेरा है [x2]
सुरमई उजाला है, चम्पई अँधेरा है [x2]
सुरमई उजाला है 
The evening is nestled over the mountain trees
Light is kohl-gray, darkness is champa-golden yellow
Light is kohl-gray …
00 :47
दोनों वक़्त मिलते हैं, दो दिलों की सूरत से [x2]
आसमान ने ख़ुश हो कर रंग सा बिखरा है
आसमान ने ख़ुश हो कर 
In both opportunities we meet, under the form of two hearts
The sky, being happy, spread like color
The sky, being happy …
01 :28
ठहरे ठहरे पानी में गीत सरसराते हैं [x2]
भीगे भीगे झोंकों में ख़ुश्बूओं का डेरा है [x2]
पर्बतों के पेड़ों पर 
Songs play in the still water
In the wet air there is a dwelling of fragrances
Over the mountain trees …
02 :17
क्यूँ  जज़्ब हो जाए इस हसीन नज़ारे में [x2]
रौशनी का झुरमट है, मस्तियों का घेरा है [x2]
पर्बतों के पेड़ों पर 
Why not be drawn in this beautiful sight
There is an assortment of light, a vertigo of merriment
Over the mountain trees …
02 :59
अब किसी नज़ारे की दिल को आरज़ू क्यूँ हो [x2]
जब से पा लिया तुमको, सब जहान मेरा है [x2]
पर्बतों के पेड़ों पर 
Now, for the heart, why would there be desires of (other) sceneries?
Since I got you, the world is mine
Over the mountain trees …

Parbaton Ke Pedon (Hindi: पर्बतों के पेड़ों, Urdu: پربتوں کے پیڑوں), also listed as "Parbaton Ke Pedon Par", "(Over) the Mountain Trees", is a song from the 1964 Bollywood drama film "Shagoon".

The song is played while the two movie protagonists, Geeta (Waheeda Rehman) and Madan (Kamaljeet) meet each other, with the background of the beautiful hill station of Nainital in Northern India.

Kamaljeet and Waheeda Rehman became husband and wife in real life.

This and the rest of the movie's songs were written by Sahir Ludhianvi and composed by Khayyam.

The playback singers were Mohammed Rafi for the male parts, and Suman Kalyanpur for the female parts.

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