Lagaya Dil

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लगाया दिल
I Set My Heart
00 :11
लगाया दिल बहुत पर दिल लगा नईं [x2]
तेरे जैसा  [x2]
तेरे जैसा कोई हमको मिला नईं
लगाया दिल बहुत पर दिल लगा नईं
I set (my) heart a lot, but (my) heart didn't engage [x2]
Like you … [x2]
I found no one like you
I set (my) heart a lot, but (my) heart didn't engage
00 :53
ज़माने भर की बातें उन से कह दीं [x2]
जो कहना चाहिए था वह कहा नईं [x2]
लगाया दिल बहुत पर दिल लगा नईं
(We) talked to them about everything [x2]
(but we) didn't say what should have been said [x2]
I set (my) heart a lot, but (my) heart didn't engage
01 :31
वह सच में प्यार था या बचपना था [x2]
मोहब्बत हो गई थी क्या पता नईं [x2]
लगाया दिल बहुत पर 
Was it really love, or just childhood? [x2]
(I) don't know if we had fallen in love [x2]
I set my heart a lot, but …
02 :10
वह मुझको लग रहा था प्यार मेरा [x2]
वह जैसा लग रहा था वैसा था नईं [x2]
लगाया दिल बहुत पर दिल लगा नईं
It kept on looking like my love to me [x2]
but it was not what it kept looking like [x2]
I set (my) heart a lot, but (my) heart didn't engage
02 :48
 रोया था बिछड़ने पर मैं उनके [x2]
मगर हाँ ज़िंदगी में फिर हँसा नईं [x2]
लगाया दिल बहुत पर 
I hadn't cried during separation from her [x2]
but, yeah, I didn't smile afterwards my whole life [x2]
I set (my) heart a lot, but …
03 :26
ये तोहफ़े हैं जो अपनों से मिले हैं [x2]
हमें गैरों से कोई भी गिला नईं [x2]
तेरे जैसा  [x2]
तेरे जैसा कोई हमको मिला नईं
लगाया दिल बहुत पर दिल लगा नईं
These are gifts that we got by our own (people) [x2]
there is no reproach at all to us by our close ones [x2]
Like you … [x2]
I found no one like you
I set (my) heart a lot, but (my) heart didn't engage

Lagaya Dil (Hindi: लगाया दिल, Urdu: لگایا دِل) roughly translated as "I Set My Heart" is a song written, composed, and interpreted by the Pakistani singer-songwriter Sajjad Ali.

The song repeatedly uses the verbal expression expression dil lagānā which can mean:
  • to love
  • (literally) to engage one's heart
  • to have one's heart or mind set on something or someone

On the other hand, the related verb lagnā means, among other things, "to be engaged".

Therefore, the thematic verse:
lagāyā dil bahut par dil lagā naīṁ

Can be translated as:

"I set/applied my heart a lot/many times, but the heart wasn't engaged"

The video clip shows scenes of the singer sitting on a high school yard, singing while several students engage in intertwined stories of mostly unrequited love.

Sajjad Ali recognizes that these lyrics are inspired in poems with similar structure written by the Urdu poet and scholar Jaun Elia.

The original lyrics contained two additional stanzas who were a more explicit tribute to Jaun Elia, but which Ali suppressed to keep the song shorter.

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