Labb Par Aaye

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लब पर आएँ
They Come Upon My Lips
00 :03
लब पर आएँ गीत सुहाने
माने  जियारा लाख बहाने
याद तिहारी आए सताने
मन लागे रे पछताने, हो
Charming songs come upon my lips
(but) my heart doesn't grant a hundred thousand excuses
Thoughts of you come, tormenting,
and (my) hearts starts grieving
00 :23
मोरे सैयाँ, मैं लागूँ तोरे बैयाँ
बालमवा,  जाओ परदेस
सजना जी, करूँ मैं कैसे राज़ी?
पिया जी, लागे जिया को ठेस
My lover, I hold your arms,
beloved, don't go away (abroad)
Dear lover, how shall I satisfy you?
Oh, sweeheart, you inflict pain to my soul
01 :02
, मन की पीड़ा कोई  जाने
मन यह जाने, मैं जानूँ,  जाने बैरी यह दुनिया
लड़ पछताऊँ, समझ  पाऊँ
रूठे पिया को कैसे मनाऊँ?
भेद जिया के किस को दिखाऊँ?
किस को बताऊँ कलेश? हो
Oh, no one knows the agony of (my) heart
This heart knows, I know, this inimical world doesn't know
I regret fighting, (but) don't get to understand
how to appease (my) displeased lover
Whom to reveal the secret of (my) soul?
To whom shall I tell (my) distress? Ah!
01 :39
कन्हाई,  छोड़ रे कलाई
दुहाई भूल  जा दर पे
मोरे सैयाँ, मैं लागूँ तोरे बैयाँ
बालमवा,  जाओ परदेस
Charming (Krishna) boy, don't let go my arm,
don't forget my entreaty, go at my doorway
My lover, I hold your arms,
beloved, don't go away (abroad)
02 :02
लागे जिया को ठेस [x5]
लागे जिया को  [x2]
लागे जिया को ठेस
You inflict pain on (my) soul [x5]
You inflict, on (my) soul … [x2]
You inflict pain on (my) soul

Labb Par Aaye (Hindi: लब पर आएँ, Urdu: لب پر آئےں) "They Came Onto My Lips", is a song featured in the 2020 Indian Amazon series Bandish Bandits.

The video clip shows a scene of the series where Rhade, the male protagonist (Ritwik Bhowmik), an aspiring Hindustani classical singer learning the trade, performs in front of some local dignitaries, and under the watchful eye of his grandfather and head of the "Gharana" or singing family, Pandit Rathod (Naseeruddin Shah).

In the audience are also Radhe's fiancée, his parents, and the female protagonist, Tamanna (Ananya Panday), giving him discreet support.

At the end of his performance, Radhe falters in some high notes, to the dismay of the family.
At the same time, a mysterious character from the family's past enters the room, preluding dire consequences for everybody.

The playback singer for this song was Javed Ali.

The music was composed by the trio S-E-L and the lyrics were written by Sameer Samant.