Jhoom Jhoomta Tu

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झूम झूमता तू
You Rock and Sway
00 :48
क्यूँ दूरियाँ हैं दरमियान
बढ़ जाने दे नज़दीकियाँ
हर साँस में महसूस कर
इन साँसों की मदहोशियाँ
Why are there distances in between?
Let our nearness be increased
Having felt, in each breath,
the intoxication of these breaths …
01 :15
मेरा नशा ऐसे चढ़े, मेरा नशा ज़िद पे अड़े
मेरा नशा ऐसे नचाए, झूम झूम झूम
झूमता तू जा 
My intoxication takes effect in such a way, it refuses to stop
My intoxication makes you dance, rock, sway, in such a way
sway continuously …
01 :48
जिस आग में यह बदन जल रहा है मेरा,  हमसफ़र
तू भी उसी में जल जाएगा / जाएगा
परवाने क्यूँ कर शमा पे मचलते हैं
तुझको आज फिर
इसका पता भी चल जाएगा
The fire in which this body is of mine burns, oh companion
You will burn in that too / will burn
Why do moths insist upon the flame?
Today you, in turn,
are going to know as well
02 :15
मैं ही शहद मैं ही ज़हर
मुझ में तेरे शाम-ओ-सहर
मेरे इन पनाहों में  कर, झूम झूम झूम
झूमता तू जा 
I am poison, I am honey
In me are your days and nights
Once come into my shelter, you sway, rock, sway
sway continuously …
02 :58
मैं भी हूँ तन्हा है तू भी अकेला है
मौक़ा भी हसीन
मिलने का होने दे सिलसिला, सिलसिला
बिन कुछ कहे कुछ सुने कुछ किए
कब तुझपे मर गई
मुझको पता भी  यह चलन
I am apart, and you, you are alone too
Indeed, a divine opportunity!
Let the chain of events to encounter happen
without saying, listening, or doing anything
until I (die) fall for you
Even I don't know this behavior myself!
03 :25
लो मर गए हम बेक़सूर
वह जी गए जिन का क़सूर
आँखों से मेरी जान ले कर, झूम झूम झूम
झूमता तू जा 
See now, how we die (fall in love) sinless
living that which belogns to sin
Having taken the life from my eyes, sway, rock, sway
sway continuously …

Jhoom Jhoomta Tu (Hindi: झूम झूमता तू, Urdu: جھوم جھومتا تُو) "You Rock and Sway", is a song played in the 2012 Bollywood action thriller "Players".

The song has a male version, sung by Arijit Singh, and a female version, sung by Ritu Pathak.

The male version is also titled "Jhoom Jhoomta Hoon Main", and both versions are sometimes known as "Kyun Duriyan", due to the common first words of the lyrics.

The movie, which is a heist film inspired by the 2003 US film "The Italian Job", describes the adventures of a band of thieves to steal a big gold shipment.

At some point in the movie, one of the band's members, Spider (played by Neil Nitin Mukesh) betrays the rest and runs away with the booty.
Another of the band members, Charlie (Abishek Bachchan), convinces Naina (Sonam Kapoor ) the daughter of a former associate, to infiltrate Spider's house and locate the treasure with the help of electronic devices.

The song is played while Naina performs a seductive dance in front of Spider, in order to distract him, while Charlie and the rest of the band members surveil the dance remotely via a hidden camera.

The song's lyrics were written Ashish Pandit and the music was composed by Pritam.