Ik Vaari Aa

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इक बारी 
इक वारि आ
00 :13
इक बारी  भी जा यारा, इक बारी 
राह ताकूँ मैं बेचारा इक बारी 
[both lines x2]
Come meet me even once, friend, come once!
I, the unfortunate, am looking in wait at your path, come once!
[both lines x2]
00 :44
ढल रही शाम है दिल तेरे नाम है
इसकी आदत बनी है तेरी यारियाँ
Evening is waning, (my) heart is in your name
your intimacies have become its habit
00 :58
चाँद हूँ मैं तू है तारा इक बारी 
इक बारी  भी जा यारा इक बारी 
I am the moon, you are a star, come once!
Come meet me even once, friend, come once!
01 :28
यह इश्क़ की इंतहा ले ने लगी इम्तहान
हद से गुज़रने लगी हैं मेरी चाहतें
धड़कन की बेताबियाँ करने लगी इल्तिजा
लग जा गले से ज़रा तो मिले राहतें
बस तुझे चाहना इक यही काम है
काम आने लगी सारी बेक़रारियों
This extremity of love puts me to the test,
my desires are enduring to the limit
The restlessness of my heartbeats started to request:
"embrace me, so I find a little ease!"
Just wanting you is my one and only purpose
and it seems to have to do with all my restlessness
02 :13
उस पे समा भी है प्यारा इक बारी 
इक बारी  भी जा यारा इक बारी 
On top of that, the time is lovely, come once!
Come meet me even once, friend, come once!
02 :37
है प्यार तो कई दफ़ा किया
तुझसे नहीं किया तो क्या किया
तेरा मेरा यह वास्ता
है इस ज़िंदगी की दास्तान
या फिर कोई हमारा पहले से है राब्ता
I have fallen in love on many occasions
but it wasn't with you, so it doesn't matter
This (mysterious) connection of ours
Is the tale of this life (of mine)
Or did we have a connection even from before?
03 :13
तो इक बारी    भी जा [x2]
Come meet me once, indeed, come!

Ik Vaari Aa (Hindi: इक बारी आ, Urdu: اِک باری آ) "Come once!" is a song featured in the 2017 Bollywood film "Raabta".

The song's video clip shows the two main characters, Shiv ( Sushant Singh Rajput) and Saira (Kriti Sanon), with the background of the city of Budapest, while they say goodbye to each other, and then they keep thinking about each other.

The song also speaks about how both characters seem to be sharing some mysterious connection (the "raabta" of the film's title) even before their first encounter.

The lyrics were written by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and the music was composed by Pritam.

The playback singer was Arijit Singh.