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00 :23
तुझको मैं रख लूँ वहाँ
जहाँ पे कहीं है मेरा यक़ीन
मैं जो तेरा  हुआ
किसी का नहीं
किसी का नहीं
I shall keep you there
where my belief is
If I don't become yours
then no one's
then no one's
00 :52
ले जाएँ जाने कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ
ले जाएँ तुझे कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
बेगानी हैं ये बाग़ी हवाएँ, हवाएँ
ले जाएँ मुझे कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
ले जाएँ जाने कहाँ
 मुझको ख़बर,  तुझको पता
Who knows where the winds, the winds, carry
Who knows where the winds, the winds, carry you
These rebellious winds, winds, they are strangers
Where shall they carry me, the winds, the winds?
Who knows where they carry
Neither I know, nor you.
01 :54
बनाती है जो तू
वो यादें, जाने संग मेरे कब तक चलें
इन्ही में तो मेरी
सुबह भी ढले, शामें ढलें, मौसम ढलें
Those memories that you build
who knows for how much longer they shall go with me
inside of them are poured (moulded)
my morning, my evenings, my seasons.
02 :09
ख़यालों का शहर
तू जाने तेरे होने से ही आबाद है
हवाएँ हक़ में
वो ही हैं आते-जाते जो तेरा नाम लें
The city of my thoughts
you know it is inhabited only by your presence
favorable winds are only those
that say your name while coming and going
02 :24
देती हैं जो सदाएँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ
 जाने क्या बताएँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ
ले जाएँ तुझे कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
ले जाएँ मुझे कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
ले जाएँ जाने कहाँ
 मुझको ख़बर,  तुझको पता
The winds, the winds that cry out
no one knows what they say, the winds, the winds
Where shall they carry you, the winds, the winds?
Where shall they carry me, the winds, the winds?
Who knows where they carry
Neither I know, nor you.
03 :06
चेहरा क्यूँ मिलता तेरा, यूँ ख़्वाबों से मेरे?
यह क्या राज़ है?
कल भी मेरी  थी तू
 होगी तू कल, मेरी आज है
Why your face so blends with my visions?
What is this secret?
You were not mine neither yesterday nor will you be tomorrow
(but) today you are mine
03 :36
तेरी हैं, मेरी सारी वफ़ाएँ, वफ़ाएँ
माँगी है तेरे लिए दुआएँ, दुआएँ
ले जाएँ तुझे कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
ले जाएँ मुझे कहाँ हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
ले जाएँ जाने कहाँ / हवाएँ, हवाएँ
ले जाएँ तुझे कहाँ / हवाएँ, हवाएँ?
[last 2 lines x3]
Yours are my entire loyalties, loyalties
my prayers, my prayers have begged for you
Where shall the winds, the winds carry you?
Where shall the winds, the winds carry me?
Who knows where / the winds, the winds carry
Where shall they carry you / the winds, the winds
[last 2 lines x3]

Hawayein (Hindi: हवाएँ, Urdu: ہوائیں), "Winds", is a song featured in the 2017 Hindi romantic comedy film "When Harry met Sejal"
This title imitates the title of the 1989 US romantic comedy film "When Harry Met Sally".

The video clip shows the two main protagonists, Harinder or "Harry" (the Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan), a tourist guide, and Sejal (the Indian actress Anushka Sharma), a client, while they travel across Europe searching a ring she claims to have lost.
During their travel, they fall in love with each other.

The song's music was composed by the Indian composer Pritam Chakraborty (also known as simply "Pritam"), and the lyrics were written by the Indian poet and lyricist Irshad Kamil.

The singer in the video clip is the famous and versatile Indian interpreter Arijit Singh.

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