Ek Zindagi

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एक ज़िंदगी
One Life
00 :13
मैं तो बादलों से दूर जाऊँगी
मैं तो अपनी ही सुर पाऊँगी
है जो [crazy, crazy] सपने मेरे
सारे चुन के मैं बुन आऊँगी
I will fly through the clouds
I will find my own tune
These are crazy dreams of mine
which will collect and weave together
00 :31
हाँ, माना
इस दुनिया की हूँ ही नहीं
मैं अपनी ही दुनिया बनाऊँगी
Yes, I acknowledge it
I am not of this world
I will make my own world
00 :38
कि एक ज़िंदगी मेरी
सौ ख़्वाहिशात
हाँ, एक ज़िंदगी मेरी
सौ ख़्वाहिशात
मैं पूरी मैं पूरी
मैं पूरी तरह
एक ज़िंदगी मेरी
सौ ख़्वाहिशात
मैं जीना मैं जीना
मैं जीना मैं पूरी तरह
[last 2 lines x2]
Because I have one life
(and) a hundred dreams
Yes, I have one life
(and) a hundred dreams
I (will live), to the fullest
to the fullest
I have one life
(and) a hundred dreams
I must live, must live,
I must live to the fullest
[last 2 lines x2]
01 :18
सब की रोक है टोक है
नोक है झोंक है
पर दिल में फिर भी [hope] है
है ?
Everyone's hindering
so much bickering
Still there’s hope in my heart,
isn’t there?
01 :27
लाइफ़ थोड़ी [hard] है
अनदेखा [card] है
[but] हम भी तो स्टार हैं
हैं ?
Life is a bit hard
It is an unseen card
But I am also a star,
am I not?
01 :36
कि माना,
इस दुनिया की हूँ ही नहीं मैं
अपनी ही दुनिया बनाऊँगी
हो  हो  
So I acknowledge (it),
I am simply not of this world
I will make my own world
Ho! Oh! … Ho! Oh! …
01 :52
हाँ कि एक ज़िंदगी मेरी
सौ ख़्वाहिशात
मैं जीना मैं जीना
मैं पूरी तरह
[both lines x2]
हो  हो  
Yes, because I have one life
and a hundred dreams
I must live, must live
to the fullest
[both lines x2]
Ho! Oh! … Ho! Oh! …

Ek Zindagi (Hindi:एक ज़िंदगी, Urdu: ایک زِندگی) "One Life", is a song from the 2020 Bollywood film "Angrezi Medium".

The video clip depicts scenes of the movie showing the vicissitudes of young girl called Tarika (Radhika Madan, the female protagonist), and her supportive father Champak (played by Irrfan Khan), during Tarika's staying in England on a study scholarship.

The song was written and composed by the duo Sachin-Jigar.
More specifically, Jigar Saraiya, one of the members of the duo, wrote the lyrics.
Also, the lead playback voice is Tanishkaa Sanghvi, the young daughter of Sachin Sanghvi, the other member of the duo.

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