Dekhte Dekhte

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Right Before my Eyes
00 :18
रज के रुलाया, रज के हँसाया
मैं ने दिल खो के, इश्क़ कमाया
माँगा जो उस ने, एक सितारा
हम ने ज़मीन पे, चाँद बुलाया
(She/he/they) made me cry, and laugh, until I had my fill
I earned love by losing my heart
When (she/he/they) just asked me for a star
I made the moon appear on earth
00 :36
जो आँखों से / हाय
वो जो आँखों से इक पल  ओझल हुए [x2]
लापता हो गए, देखते-देखते
(She/he/they) who, from my eyes / … ah!
(She/he/they) who who weren't hidden from my eyes for even a moment
sudddenly dissappeared, before my own eyes
00 :54
सोचता हूँ 
सोचता हूँ कि वो कितने मासूम थे [x2]
क्या से क्या हो गए देखते-देखते
सोचता हूँ कि वो कितने मासूम थे
क्या से क्या हो गए देखते-देखते
सोचता हूँ कि वो कितने मासूम थे [x2]
क्या से क्या हो गए देखते-देखते
I think …
I keep on thinking how naïve/innocent (she/he/they) were [x2]
What have (she/he/they) become right in front of me?
I think on how innocent (she/he/they) were
What have (she/he/they) become right in front of me?
I think on how innocent (she/he/they) were [x2]
What have (she/he/they) become right in front of me?
01 :33
वो जो कहते थे बिछड़ेंगे  हम कभी [x2]
क्या से क्या हो गए देखते-देखते
अलविदा हो गए देखते-देखते
सोचता हूँ 
(She/he/those) who were saying that I would never be estranged
What have (she/he/they) become right in front of me?
The goodbye happened right in front of me?
I think …
02 :10
एक मैं एक वो, और शामें कई
चाँद रौशन थे तब आसमान में कई
[both lines x2]
यारियों का वो दरिया उतर भी गया
और हाथों में बस रेत ही रह गई
(She/he/they) and I were one, and the evenings were many
There were many shining moons then in the sky
[both lines x2]
Those waters of intimacy waned too
and only sand has remained in my hands
02 :37
कोई पूछे कि  / हाय
कोई पूछे कि हम से ख़ता क्या हुई
क्यूँ ख़फ़ा हो गए देखते-देखते
May someone ask … / ah!
May some one ask if it was my fault
Why did (she/he/they) get upset with me right before my eyes?
02 :51
आते-जाते थे जो साँस बन के कभी [x2]
वो हवा हो गए देखते-देखते
वो हवा हो गए  / हाय
(She/he/those) who, made breath, were once coming and going
turned into air right before my eyes
(She/he/they) became air … / ah!
03 :18
वो हवा हो गए देखते-देखते
अलविदा हो गए देखते-देखते
लापता हो गए देखते-देखते
क्या से क्या हो गए देखते-देखते
(She/he/they) became air right before my eyes
the goodbye happened right before my eyes
She disappeared right before my eyes
What have (she/he/they) become right before my eyes?
03 :36
जीने मरने की हम थे वजह और हमीं [x2]
बेवजह हो गए देखते-देखते
I was, myself, the reason for life and death,
(but) become groundless right before my eyes
03 :50
सोचता हूँ 
सोचता हूँ कि वो कितने मासूम थे
क्या से क्या हो गए देखते-देखते [x3]
क्या से क्या हो गए 
I think …
I keep on thinking how naïve/innocent (she/he/they) were
What have (she/he/they) become right in front of me? [x3]
What have (she/he/they) become …

Dekhte Dekhte (Hindi: देखते-देखते, Urdu: دیکھتے~دیکھتے) "Before my Eyes / In Front ot Me / Suddenly" is a song used in the 2018 Bollywood film "Batti Gul Meter Chalu".

The song is basically a modern arrangement of a very famous qawwali created and performed by the Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

In turn, Nusrat took some parts, including the opening line, from a "nazm" by the Pakistani poet Shakeeb Jalali.

All along the song, the pronoun used for addressing is , which can be interpreted as "they", "she" or "he".

The music was arranged by Rochak Kohli and the lyrics, by Manoj Muntashir.

The singer in this video clip is Atif Aslam.

The video clip shows the romantic involvement of the movie's two main protagonists: Nauti, a fashion designer (played by Shraddha Kapoor), and "SK", a lawyer (Shahid Kapoor).

The video was published by T-Series.

Click here for a plain text version of the song