Tang Aa Chuke Hain

taṁg ā cukē haiṁ
I Am Wearied

taṁg ā cukē haiṁ kaśmkaś-ē-ziṁdgī sē ham [x2]
ṭhukrā na dēṁ jahān kō kahīṁ bēdilī sē ham
[mixed with movie dialog]

I am wearied with this struggle of life
I shall not stumble upon the world at all, out of dejection
[mixed with movie dialog]

ham ġamzdā haiṁ, lāēm̐ kahām̐ sē xuśī kē gīt
kahām̐ sē xuśī kē gīt …
dēṁgē vah hī jō pāēm̐gē is ziṁdgī sē ham [x2]

I am grief stricken, from where would I bring songs of joy?
songs of joy … from where?
I will only give whatever I get from life

ubhrēṁgē ēk bār abhī dil kē valvlē
abhī dil kē valvlē …
mānā ki dab gaē haiṁ ġam-ē-ziṁdgī sē ham [x2]

The heart's spirits will still rise once more
The heart's spirits … once more …
although, granted, I was buried by the grief of life

lō āj ham nē tōṛ diyā …
lō āj ham nē tōṛ diyā riśtā-ē-ummīd
riśtā-ē-ummīd …
lō ab kabhī gilā na karēṁgē kisī sē ham [x2]

See, today I have broken …
today, I have broken any hope of a relationship
hope of a relationship …
See now, I won't ever again complain to anyone

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